New Accessories for the Arex Rex Zero 1 Pistols

James Reeves
by James Reeves

The Arex Rex Zero1 pistol is a relatively new but capable handgun from Slovenian military manufacturer, Arex. Due to the fact that it just hit the US market only a few years ago, there has not been a lot in the way of accessories available for the European uber nine. Fortunately for Rex owners, there have been new first and third party accessories hitting the market lately, many of them available for purchase from Polenar Tactical in Slovenia (

Here’s a quick rundown of some of the most recent developments for this pistol:

First, one of the most welcome new additions is the Arex-made fiber optic sight set (65 Euro):

A set of front and rear sights for all Rex Zero 1 models.
Front fiber optic insert offers great visibility in good and medium lighting conditions and helps with quick target acquisition and faster follow up shots.

If you are using a compact Zero 1 with iron sights, this is a good upgrade for personal defense, but this is likely a great performance boost for those trying to wring maximum accuracy from their fullsize models.

My opinion: Grippy is good. So I like the brand new Swiss Team 11 stippled and low-profile grips. If the factory grips that come on the Zero1 aren’t as grabby as you like, these thin Team 11 grips are again an excellent option for those of you trying to get a little more leverage with your Rex. (59 Euro)

Sloevnian company M-Arms is offering +4 mag extension baseplates for the Rex for 29 Euro. These are well-made aluminum extensions that replace the factory mag baseplate on the Rex that add 4 rounds of 9mm to your mag’s capacity. In addition to the tension from the magazine spring, there’s a very small set screw that you can tighten up after install to ensure that the baseplate remains in place.

And now I am speculating, but I’m willing to guess that this new Arex-manufactured competition hammer and recoil spring set are from or inspired by the new Rex Zero1 Alpha tournament pistol (14 Euro):

Lighter recoil and hammer spring for Rex Zero 1.
Ideal for IPSC and other sport shooting disciplines, works best with lighter loads.
Hammer spring noticeably reduces the weight of DA and SA trigger pull.
Fits Rex 1S and Tactical model.

Warning! Using this spring set may reduce the reliability of your handgun when using ammo with harder primers.
Not recommended for self defense handguns.

These are some of the newer accessories for the Arex pistols, but I really had no idea how much wider the accessory market had become in Europe for the Rex versus the market in the US until I started looking at upgrading my personal Rex. Granted, the Rex is still just breaking into the marketplace here, but it’s exciting to see the first- and third-party accessories that are available for purchase now (for import) versus a couple of years ago – several types of grips, including Hogue G10s, night sights, fiber optic sights, holsters, etc. I’ve been impressed with the Rex pistol thus far, so I am glad to see that it seems the (after)market is developing around it, and I know the other Rex fans out there are going to welcome more options for customizing their gun.

James Reeves
James Reeves

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