High Speed Gear Acquired Comp-Tac?

    Somehow we totally missed this little bit of news… I have been not only running TACOs on my duty gear for a couple of years (and my competition belt for longer than that), but I have had previous experience with Comp-Tac Holsters (specifically the Minotaur MTAC). HSGI picked up Comp-Tac in part to add holsters to their otherwise versatile line.

    Press release included below.

    High Speed Gear is dedicated to building the best 100% Made in the USA, Battle-Proven Tactical Gear™.

    Swansboro, NC (April 2018). High Speed Gear makers of the patented TACO® line as well as the full line of Sure-Grip® & Slim-Grip® Battle Belts; Pouches; Packs; and Polymers has acquired Comp-Tac™, of Houston Texas.

    Comp-Tac™ develops and manufactures a full line of Kydex Holsters – Tactical, Competition, Concealed Carry (Appendix, IWB and OWB), Hybrid (Kydex and leather), Revolver, as well has Holsters designed specifically for women; including holsters for firearms with lights or lasers. In addition to the full line of Holsters, Comp-Tac provides great Kydex solutions for Magazine Pouches. Product line can be seen at www.comp-tac.com.

    Comp-Tac has been well received into the Holster community since 2000 and provides high quality gun belts in both Leather and Nylon, IDPA Targets and Pasters, as well as the Armadillo ConcealmentTM vests.

    “The Comp-Tac line of products truly is a perfect add on to the High Speed Gear line! These holsters work seamlessly with the HSGI line and mirrors the quality and innovation that HSGI is known for,” states Bill Babboni, VP of Sales and Operations. “HSGI is dedicated to increasing our offerings of products that are known for their functionality as well as quality. While Comp-Tac’s design, manufacturing, support and distribution will remain in their current location in Houston, TX; High Speed Gear is in the process of breaking ground on an additional two-story distribution facility in Swansboro, NC to increase our capabilities and meet the world-wide demand for our products.”

    As High Speed Gear and Comp-Tac continue to expand, we welcome all inquiries: [email protected].

    High Speed Gear would like to thank Dev Warren, of the Ascendant Advisory Group, and his team for all their assistance and guidance during the entire acquisition process.

    I’m going to have the opportunity to try out a Comp-Tac Level 2 Retention Holster (International Line) over the next few weeks, and potentially the HSGI line of Duty LEO gear (which wasn’t available when I set up my belt).    Do any of you use either HSGI or Comp-Tac?  What are your thoughts?  Tell us in the comments.

    If you want to learn more about HSGI, visit their site at http://www.highspeedgear.com/

    Comp-Tac maintains their site at https://comp-tac.com/

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