Dan Haga Designs Aluminum PS90 M-LOK Handguards

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    Dan Haga Designs is specialized in making accessories for firearms that don’t have much aftermarket support such as the FN PS90 carbine (the civilian version of FN P90). The company has recently made two announcements on their social media pages. First, they have launched a website (www.danhagadesigns.com) where the customers now can directly order from. And second, the aluminum version of their PS90 M-LOK handguard is now available for purchase.

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    The civilian version of the FN P90 is semi-auto only firearm and it also has a 16″ barrel to make it qualify as a rifle. Dan Haga Designs forearm extends over that 16″ barrel making the gun look better and continuing the original futuristic design lines. It also provides more surface for your support hand to grab the forearm and M-LOK slots for mounting accessories.

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    The new Dan Haga Designs PS90 handguard is machined out of 6061 aluminum and features a mils-spec (Mil-A-8625 Type III Class 2) black anodized finish. The handguard comes with all the necessary hardware to mount it on the PS90 carbines. This accessory is a two-piece design that clamps onto the PS90 and gets fixed in place via a set of screws. The installation does not require any permanent modifications to the PS90 carbines. According to the manufacturer, these handguards fit all the three versions of PS90 carbine – Standard, Tri-Rail, and USG. The handguard has M-LOK slots on top, sides, and bottom. The overall weight of the handguard is 10.5 oz.

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    Dan Haga Designs aluminum handguard is designed to keep the barrel free floated. However, the manufacturer notes that because the tolerances are tight, in some cases it may rub on the barrel. The instructions for eliminating this issue are posted on the company’s website.

    Dan Haga Designs aluminum PS90 handguard is available on the company’s website at an MSRP of $315. For additional $50 you can also order top and side Picatinny rails.

    Images from www.danhagadesigns.com

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