Hush Hudson: H9 Threaded Barrels Now Available

by Pete

Suppress everything. Since I’ve been spreading that motto around these parts for years, I’m going to take partial credit for the availability of threaded barrels for the Hudson H9 – Even though I had absolutely nothing to do with the addition to the pistol’s accessory list. Back at the 2018 SHOT Show, the Hudson team announced and showed off some of the new silencer-ready barrels for the H9. Although the lines were long to get a peak, James Reeves of TFBTV fame was able to sneak in some time with Cy Hudson and crew. Have a look if you missed it on the first go around.

If you are looking for style points, there is really only one suppressor that pairs nicely with the modern lines of Hudson Manufacturing’s H9 pistol – the SilencerCo Osprey. Sure, there are plenty of quality suppressors on the market, but if you are gaming for that action hero look, be it on the range or dry firing in the privacy of your own home, the Osprey would fit your loadout quite nicely.

Let me know if you have an H9 and are planning on suppressing it with the new barrel. If you grab me a great picture, I’ll make sure to feature your combo here at TFB.

Details and an ordering link can be found below.

Hudson H9 Threaded Barrels – $229

Introducing the Hudson Mfg threaded barrel with a premium nitride finish and 1/2 x28 thread pitch. This drop-in factory barrel provides the opportunity to mount your favorite can for polite shooting or your favorite compensator for rude, but arguably more fun endeavors. The threaded version of the patent-pending barrel design was tested under a high-speed camera and showed that the H9 threaded configuration outperforms industry standards. The H9 threaded barrel requires a Nielsen type device for standard can configurations. We recommend subsonic ammunition for the best suppression levels, and 124 grain or heavier loads for the best performance. Enjoy.


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  • Cymond Cymond on Jun 22, 2018

    It's about time!

    I have no intention of getting a H9, but I won't even consider most guns if they don't offer a threaded barrel.