Let’s Talk Curating Gun History! Firearms Symposium at Cody Firearms Museum

    Taking the lead by the Cody Firearms Museum, a unique gathering of firearms museum curators took place in Cody, Wyoming. Representatives from museums such as the National Firearms Centre in Leeds, Springfield Armory National Historic Site, NRA Firearms Museum, Autry Museum of the West, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Smithsonian Armed Forces Gun Room, National Museum of the Marine Corps, and many other fascinating museums that have a sizable small arms collection showed up to talk guns. For the second year in a row this varied and diverse group of folks discussed the ins and outs of some of the more peculiar difficulties of curating firearms in museums. How do you work in a severely challenging political climate? How do you deal with NFA pieces that come in as unregistered? To what extent are researchers allowed in the collection? What are the ethics of restoring museum pieces?

    Although we at TFB certainly aren’t curators, it was extremely beneficial for us as researchers to be welcomed by this crowd because we spend so much time in some of these collections ourselves. Springfield Armory National Historic Site and the National Firearms Centre part of the Royal Armouries have especially contributed to many informative episodes about historical small arms and their development at TFB TV.


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