God & Eugene: A Succinct Explanation Of The AR-15 Reload

    I saw this video on Facebook and it is probably the best explanation of how to reload and use the bolt release I have ever seen. Clint Smith of Thunder Ranch is in the below video explaining the relationship between God & Eugene Stoner.

    While most of us know how to reload an AR-15, there is a bit of polarization on how to push the ping pong paddle looking bolt release. The dichotomy stems from the idea that you could lose fine motor skills. Some believe you will while others say it is a myth and training overcomes that myth.

    Clint is a believer that God & Eugene designed your body perfectly as well as the AR-15 respectively. Eugene Stoner is one of the great firearm designers right along with Browning and Kalashnikov–there is no debating that. However, manipulation of their designs has been interpreted many different ways.

    Clint has a simple and easy way of remembering how to orient your hand when reloading an AR-15: “Point your thumb at Jesus.” Clint goes on to explain that “God designed your hand as a cup. Not a beat on the side of the gun device.” He then solidifies the point home with “Quit f*cking with God & Eugene.”

    It does not get any more simplified than that. Have you seen or heard other clever ways to describe an AR-15 reload or similar knowledge bomb? Do you push the bolt release with your thumb or do you slap the side of your rifle? Some people prefer a third option like the Magpul BAD Lever, although it has it’s own unique problems.

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