South African Gun Warrior Gen5 Bolt Action Rifle Chassis

    During the Huntex 2018 exhibition, a South African company called Gun Warrior introduced the latest, Gen5 iteration of their Warrior aluminum bolt action rifle chassis. Although this chassis will be quite a capable platform for multiple applications (tactical, hunting etc.), it is primarily designed for the Precision Rifle Series (PRS) competition shooting.

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    As the company notes the green color of the chassis seen in the images is for illustrative purposes only. To my knowledge, they use Cerakote and can apply any Cerakote color upon order.

    One of the features added to the Gen5 chassis is the extended magazine well which has a serrated front surface designed to work as a barricade stop providing a reliable purchase on a number of different barricades. The customers can also order a separate barricade stop mounted onto the forearm as shown in the image embedded below.

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    Other features of the chassis include the QD sling swivel mounts on the front portion of the forearm, the Arca-Swiss accessory mounting platform on the bottom of the handguard and a Picatinny rail section extending over the forearm for mounting a bipod.

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    The length of pull, cheek rest height, buttpad and monopod heights are adjustable. Below you can find the specifications of various adjustment ranges quoted from the manufacturer’s website.


    Total Length: 748mm – 828mm

    Weight: 2,3kg (including empty magazine)

    Length of Pull: 345mm – 425mm

    Drop At Comb Adjustment Range: 15mm

    Butt Stock Adjustment Rage: 80mm

    Drop At Heel Adjustment Range: 120mm

    Rear Height Adjustment Range: 35mm

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    Currently, the Gun Warrior Gen5 chassis is compatible with the following actions: Remington 700 SA, Howa short action and Tikka T3 in short action configuration. The price of the chassis is not listed on the company’s website. They suggest to contact them to get a price quotation for any particular configuration of the chassis.

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