Iron Claw Tactical “tAnK 47” Rifle

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    Iron Claw Tactical has published on their social media pages images of a custom built AK that they call tAnK 47. This rifle was built for a customer, who is an instructor running AK courses. The rifle is based on a WASR 10 and has an interesting combination of features and parts.

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    First of all, the tAnK 47 features one of the products that Iron Claw Tactical is mostly known for – their AK magazine well that allows to straight insert the AK magazines instead of the traditional rock-in method. Particularly, they used the Gen2 AK Magwell System with the extended magazine release lever. The tAnK 47 rifle also features a Bad Company Tactical R2S retention system which is basically a holster system for the rifle.

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    Next significant difference from the basic AK is the existence of a cross-bolt safety. That may sound like an odd feature, however, it is interesting to note that Kalashnikov Concern went with a cross-bolt safety in their SR1 balanced action rifle which is designed for competition shooters. That being said, the cross-bolt safety is probably a faster and easier one to operate with the proper training.

    The open charging handle slot (which in classic AK rifles is covered by the safety selector lever) may seem to be a problem in terms of allowing dirt and debris to enter the action, however, this was the customer’s choice and depending on the application the rifle is used in this may not be an issue. Moreover, the rifle also has a left side charging handle and a corresponding slot cut in the top cover. And again SR1 comes to my mind because it has a similar layout of ambidextrous charging handles and open charging handle slots.

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    On and off positions of the cross-bolt safety

    Next up, the gun has a front sight block/gas block combo which was made by cutting and welding together the original WASR-10 front sight block and gas block. The front top portion of the Midwest Industries handguard was milled to allow the front sight/gas block to protrude. They also shortened the barrel, cut a target muzzle crown and welded a Diamondhead T-Brake muzzle device onto it.

    Note the 45-degree gas block/front sight block combination

    The stock attachment point of the rifle was modified to take AR-15 buffer tubes. The stock they used is a Mission First Tactical Minimalist stock. The rifle is also equipped with an ALG Defense Ultimate AK trigger, Sabrewerks KOP rail system and Circle 10 AK pistol grip. The action of this rifle was also trued and smoothened. Lastly, they applied a Cerakote finish of green color to resemble a Soviet/Russian tank color.

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    According to the company officials, they can custom build an identical rifle for other customers, too. The price will vary depending on many variables such as the choice of parts and components, the difficulty of the work etc.

    Images by Iron Claw Tactical

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