WHITE AND TAN – SilencerCo Adds New Colors To Their Palette

by Pete

Several years ago, SilencerCo offered an “In The White” version of their rimfire monocore Suppressor the Sparrow. Sure, it did everything my normal Sparrow did, but I wanted one anyway. Alas, that white little bird never ended up flying into my cage safe, mostly due to the dust in my wallet. Fast forward to 2018, and SilencerCo has decided to expand its color palette to include several of their most popular silencers in both white and FDE.

Sure, you could take a standard Spectre II, blast it down to bare metal (mind the manufacturer information and serial number) and spray it with clear coat or any color of your choice. But where’s the fun in that?

Details can be found below.

WHITE AND TAN – SilencerCo Adds New Colors To Their Palette

WEST VALLEY CITY, UT – June 14, 2018 – SilencerCo now offers several new color finishes on some of the most popular suppressors for hosts ranging from .22 up to .300 Win Mag enabling customers to further customize their favorite builds at no extra cost. Customers now have the option to purchase their favorite silencers in one of three, or four, finish variants:
  • Spectre 22 White
  • Hybrid FDE
  • Hybrid White
  • Omega 9k FDE
  • Omega 9k White
  • Chimera 300 FDE
  • Chimera 300 White
  • Omega 300 White 
“People have been asking for these silencers in FDE for a while, but we also wanted to give them another option above and beyond the standard offerings with the white finish. The white gives customers more
flexibility for DIY finishes or other custom colors or treatments, like cerakote,” said Dewie Vieira,
SilencerCo Director of Sales. The newly-released Chimera 300 is one of the silencers that will see multiple color options. The Chimera 300 is rated for 5.56MM all the way to .300WM. It is also full auto rated and has no barrel restrictions which makes it your best choice when suppressing a short barreled rifle (SBR). Dealers will have the chance to purchase these silencers from distributors starting today. If a customer is interested in getting their hands one of these new finishes they should reach out to their local FFL/SOT.

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