REINSTATED: Brownells Back On YouTube!

    As you may have already heard, firearms and parts retailer Brownells was removed from YouTube and later reinstated without a detailed explaination as to which community guidelines had been violated that landed them in social media jail. Although the channel’s return is a victory for both Brownells and consumers alike, the trend towards demonetizing videos and removing channels that feature firearm related content appears to be gaining steam.

    We can argue First Amendment and private business regulations until everyone is blue in the face, but at the end of the day it is becoming clear that a migration to a less hostile environment is needed. The problem is that firearms specific video platforms generally don’t draw the huge advertising dollars that open media brings along with its billions of viewers.

    For now, enjoy what remains of the content we still can access on YouTube.

    REINSTATED: Brownells Back On YouTube!

    Brownells’ YouTube account has been restored!

    We CANNOT thank you ALL enough for your shares, reposts, retweets and positive comments!

    We are beyond proud to have the finest group of customers and supporters anywhere.

    Thank you again!

    Published on Jun 14, 2018
    Join Paul Levy as he offers a rundown on what’s new at Brownells. This week’s new product list includes the Hudson H-9 9mm, the Lewis Machine & Tool MWS Sharpshooter; a replica of the .308 used by the British Military for designated marksmen, the Cherry Bomb Muzzle Brake by Q, the Bottle Rocket Muzzle Brake Enhancer by Q and the Brownells 10/22 Magazine Release. Be sure to subscribe and you’ll be the first to see what’s new each week.
    Published on Jun 12, 2018
    In this episode of From the Vault, Gary Hughes of Dead Air Silencers offers an overview of the AKM variant of the AK series of firearms. Often referred to as a “Khyber Pass” variation, the AKM features a folding stock and is chambered in 7.65×39. The AKM offered improvements over earlier AK’s and was enhanced for mass production. If you’d like to see a particular firearm featured in the From the Vault series please let us know.
    Published on Jun 1, 2018
    Join Gary Hughes and Mike Pappas of Dead Air Silencers as they offer simple tips on installing the KNS Precision AK Adjustable Gas Piston. This unique product is available in different models to fit various AK-style platforms and can be installed without the use of a gunsmith in the space of 10 minutes. While the AK platform is known for its reliability and durability in battlefield conditions, it does have a slight flaw: its gas system is hugely overgassed. Luckily, KNS stepped up to provide a solution in the form their Adjustable Gas Piston.

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