Turkish Huglu OVIS Bolt Action Rifles

    Huglu OVIS Bolt-Action Rifles (3)3

    We can definitely say that we are observing a growing trend of Turkish arms manufacturers entering the bolt action rifles market. About a month ago we talked about the Istanbul Silah Monza rifle and there are at least three other Turkish manufacturers that are trying to conquer the bolt action rifle market: MKEK, Ata Arms and Huglu. Today we will take a look at the Huglu OVIS family of rifles.

    There are three versions of this rifle listed on the company’s website: OVIS Tactical, OVIS Tactical Black, and OVIS Hunter. Presumably, they are built on the same action. All three versions are chambered in .308 Winchester and feature 6-lug bolts. Let’s take a quick look at each of the three versions.

    Huglu OVIS Tactical

    Huglu OVIS Bolt-Action Rifles (2)

    This version of the rifle features a walnut stock that has an adjustable length of pull and cheek rest height. The rifle also has a set of Picatinny rails on the receiver rings and an NV rail section on the front portion of the forearm. The barrel length of this rifle is 28″. It weighs 15 lbs 7oz (7 kg). The rifle is fed from detachable box magazines of 3 round capacity.

    Huglu OVIS Bolt-Action Rifles (2)1

    Huglu OVIS Tactical Black

    Huglu OVIS Bolt-Action Rifles (3)

    The Tactical Black version of the rifle is built on a metal (should be aluminum) chassis. Compared to the OVIS Tactical, this rifle has a 5 round magazine and it is heavier by about a pound. The rifle has a skeletonized grip and a collapsible wire stock. The latter is a rather unusual feature which doesn’t seem to be a rigid enough solution for a precision rifle. The rifle also has an adjustable cheek rest, buttpad and monopod. The triggers of all OVIS rifles are also adjustable.

    Huglu OVIS Bolt-Action Rifles (3)1

    Huglu OVIS Hunter

    Huglu OVIS Bolt-Action Rifles (1)

    The third version of these Turkish rifles is designed for hunters. It features a walnut stock of a classic hunting appearance. The absence of a muzzle device and the relatively shorter barrel (24″) make it much lighter than the previous two rifles. This rifle weighs 8 lbs 13 oz (4 kg).

    To keep the track of the developments in the Turkish bolt action rifles market, tomorrow we’ll also publish an article about the Ata Arms Turqua rifle. As I mentioned in the Monza rifle article, from the standpoint of the US customers it should be interesting to be informed about the news of the Turkish bolt action rifle developments, because they can be potentially imported to the US and occupy the same budget niche in the bolt action rifle market as Turkish shotguns do in the US shotgun market.

    Images from www.huglu.com.tr

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