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Normally, when you need to use the shooting sticks during your hunting trip, you rest them on the ground to support the rifle. That is probably the way most of the shooting sticks are designed to work. However, that’s not the case with the Lazy Aim shooting sticks. This South African company has developed a simple system to carry the shooting sticks on your body and use your body as a support for them when you are preparing to make a shot.

The description from the company’s website sums up the idea behind this device and the benefits it offers to the hunters:

This simple, lightweight device will revolutionize hunting! The Lazy Aim is a new product on the market designed specifically for hunting purposes. It provides the user with the opportunity to have an absolutely steady shot while still having the benefit of moving freely. This is possible because the Lazy Aim product becomes an extension of your body; it is the only support system currently on the market which does not need to be fixed to the ground separate from you and your rifle.

The Lazy Aim has been designed in such a way that it makes use of a strong triangular support system promoting a rigid and stable shooting environment. The product uses your hip and shoulder as stabilisation points which very importantly does not allow for any involuntary chest movement to affect the quality of your shooting experience; your heart beating, your body trembling, your lungs inhaling, exhaling, these are all movements not affecting the Lazy Aim’s sturdiness.

Among other features of the Lazy Aim shooting stick system, the company specifically points out the light weight and compactness, a design that does not restrict your body movements, ability to easily and quickly deploy the sticks to minimize the shot preparation time as well as the overall silent construction that prevents the sticks from hitting each other and making noise that can scare the game animals.

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Wearing the Lazy Aim is also a pretty easy process. Basically, you need to install the metal support piece onto your belt and wear the shoulder strap over your shoulder. A more detailed installation instruction is available on the company’s website. The MSRP of the Lazy Aim is 850 South African rands which is about equal to $65.

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Overall, Lazy Aim looks to be a cool idea. What do you think about the Lazy Aim? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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