SCAR Owners Group Shoot 2.0

    photo by Mackenzie Fox

    Last year I attended the first SCAR Owners group shoot in North Carolina. Well they held another one just a couple of weeks ago. The SCAR Owners Group Shoot 2.0 brought even more SCAR owners together at a new location. This time we went to Front Line Defense in Warrenton, North Carolina.

    In the morning of the group shoot, Solo Defense Training group held a skills and drills fundamental class. Basically a 2 hour course of carbine drills that focuses on the SCAR weapon platform.

    attendees of the SCAR Owners Group Shoot 2.0 attending the morning skills class

    The rest of the range was opened up to the SCAR Owners Group Shoot 2.0. The location of the first group shoot was at a range that only allowed us to shoot out to 300 yards. Responding to feed back from the first group shoot, Lester, the organizer for the group shoot, booked Front Line Defense as the venue to host the event since they have a 1,000 yard range that we eagerly shot at.

    The 1,000 yard range has a bunch of steel targets from 300 out to 1,000 yards. The range is setup with steel on either side. The left side are all odd ranges and the right side is all even ranges save for the 1,000 yard target which was in the center at the back of the range.

    See the numbers next to the steel? That is the range. So 7 is the 700 yard target and 9.5 is 950 yards.

    Here is a photo from my Meopta HD80 spotting scope looking at the 1000 yard target and surrounding targets.


    Front Line Defense allowed us the use of the 1,000 yard range but we had to qualify before we could sling lead out to 1,000 yards. This is due to safety concerns and since they do not know our skill level it is just safer to assume we are all novices and haven’t shot that far before. At the safety briefing, the owner asked “Who wants to shoot out to 1,000 yards”? I raised my hand as did a few others. Then he looks at me and asks “Do you have DOPE for your gun”?. I replied “Yes, but it is theoretical DOPE.”

    I did not have my SCAR17S since it is in Nevada at the moment so I brought along my M1A in 6.5 Creedmoor. I have been able to shoot out to 300 yards with relative ease and I have the Strelok Pro ballistic app in my iPhone.


    photo by Gary Himert

    The Front Line Defense range officer had me start at 300 yards and walked me out to 1,000 yards. I was truly amazed how easily it was to hit steel with the M1A using the Strelok Pro app. I was using my Vortex Viper PST 6.5-24×50. I just used hold over according to the app. I shot about 20 rounds and missed 4 times. I had one miss at 700 and 900 yards jerking the trigger. But everything from 300 to 900 yards was hit and in some cases multiple times. By the time I got to 1,000 yards I only had two rounds left, The problem was that my app called for more hold over than my reticle could display. So either I hold somewhere in the gap at the bottom of my scope or dial up and aim properly. I tried dialing up and missed my last two shots.

    One disappointing aspect was the ban on using .50BMG or .338 Lapua Magnum at the range. My friend Justin wanted to stretch out his recently acquired Barrett MRAD in .338 Lapua but sadly they would not let him.

    One of the attendees, Helmy I believe was his name, was hit the 1,000 yard target with his SCAR16S chambered in 5.56. It was not a fluke. He has DOPE for his gun and is actually a long range aficionado.That is his gun in the photo below.

    Parker Mountain Machine was at the SCAR Owners Group Shoot 2.0 with all of their full auto and modified guns.

    photo by Mackenzie Fox

    Yes that is an H&K MP7A1 which you could rent for $50. Some people balked at this price. However I asked them “where can you find an MP7A1 that you can rent?” You can’t. (that is not entirely true, I believe Battlefield Vegas has one) There are not that many in the country and the ammo is expensive. So it really is a bucket list item. I was fortunate to fire one two years ago.


    PMM just got this HK416 in.

    PMM has a wide array of milled slides like the FN 509 and of course for Glock.

    This is a modified M249S that has been converted to full auto.


    At the end of the event they set up binary targets out on the 1,000 yard range but just at 200 yards so people could hit them.


    photo by Mackenzie Fox

    Just like last year, FN America sponsored the SCAR Owners Group Shoot 2.0 event and brought out some of their guns for us to enjoy.

    photo by Mackenzie Fox

    photo by Mackenzie Fox

    photo by Mackenzie Fox

    photo by Mackenzie Fox

    photo by Mackenzie Fox

    photo by Mackenzie Fox

    FN brought their rare FN CSR-20. A long range version of the SCAR MK17.


    And just like last year they had a stash of swag for the attendees. Those bags of FN SCAR Black Rifle Coffee were hard to get. They were given away at SHOT Show 2018 for vendors who bought FN Guns.

    Unfortunately I had to leave early so I was not able to see and do everything I wanted. Thanks to Mackenzie Fox for sharing her photos of the event. Thanks to Lester for planning and executing this event and thanks to Front Line Defense for letting us use their range. It was a bit hot and humid but everyone had a great time. Next time I would like to find a venue that would allow us to shoot at night. Night shooting is something everyone shoot experience both with lights and night vision. It adds a new dimension to shooting and given the amount of support and resources this group has, it should be relatively easy to do.

    Nicholas C

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