PMM MLOK Handguard For Ruger PCC

    At the second SCAR Owner’s Group Shoot down in North Carolina, Jarod of Parker Mountain Machine was there showing off many of his products. In the SCAR Owner’s Group he is well known for his barrel re-threading services as well as his SCAR upgrade accessories. His upgraded Ruger PCC caught my attention as it was sporting the PMM MLOK handguard prototype.

    You may recall the name Parker Mountain Machine. They are he ones who came up with Rent-A-Reticle. Well PMM is first and foremost a machine shop and they come up with some cool accessories and upgrades. The PMM MLOK Handguard is machined aluminum and is a simple bolt on upgrade for the Ruger PCC. You unbolt and remove the factory polymer handguard then replace it with PMM’s handguard.

    As you can see below, Jarod went with a wider and taller style handguard compared to the factory handguard. This is due to the factory handguard tapered design. Having shouldered and handling this new handguard, the Ruger PCC feels more like a wielding a shotgun.The side walls make for a deent thumb rest and of course you have the added benefit of the MLOK slots to accesorize with lights and lasers. Towards the front end of the handguard are QD sling mount holes.

    Ruger PCC with PMM MLOK Handguard in 3/4 view

    While talking to Jarod about his PMM MLOK handguard, I mentioned that the front of the handguard looks a little off since it is so tall. Jarod mentioned that he is entertaining the idea of making use of that space and integrating a weaponlight similar in concept to the SureFire MP5 handguards. However he has not worked out the details of that just yet, he is simply considering it.

    PMM does not just make Ruger PCC handguards. As I mentioned above, Jarod’s PMM SCAR upgrades are very popular in the SCAR Community. His MLOK handguard extension is minimalistic and yet provides just enough real estatel for getting lights out in front of the gas block.

    PMM’s rail delete panels truly make the SCAR feel less bloated. When you grab a SCAR with those delete panels, the receiver feels svelte similar to a narrow AR-15 handguard. PMM’s upgrades can actually reduce the weight of the SCAR whereas other systems adds weight.


    Jarod also makes a minimalist version of the SIG MPX/MCX stock.

    The PMM MLOK Handguard for the Ruger PCC will retail for under $200 according to Jarod. I was actually surprised by this since the handguard is not a simple extrusion but milled from a block of aluminum. His rationale for the pricing is due to the cost of the weapon system. The Ruger PCC is under $500 and he does not feel a high price would be well received. The handguard is only a prototype but will be available soon. You can follow his work on Instagram, Facebook or check out his website for news of this handguard or check out his other works.

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