Franklin Armory Binary Trigger for Brgger and Thomet

Richard L.
by Richard L.

Franklin Armory is releasing a new binary trigger for B&T. Platforms will include the APC9, APC45 and the GHM9. The new trigger will be called the BFSIII B&T – C1 and will be a 3 position trigger. The first position will be a standard safety position. Next we have a second position that allows for standard semi automatic fire with one round per trigger pull. Finally, the third position will fire one round per trigger pull and one round per trigger release.

Notice the 3 positions available, adding a standard semi automatic option. Source:


I currently have used binary triggers from competitors in a GHM9 and have disliked it for two main reasons. First, it only contained a safe or a binary setting, not allowing for standard semi automatic use. It also had issues with the trigger outrunning the bolt. Some seem to be able to get a rhythm down to the point they can maximize their fire rate without overrunning their trigger. This would take me a substantial amount of ammunition and training.

New for 2018

From the video it appears that Franklin Armory has found a means to prevent the trigger from outrunning the bolt. This alone is a welcome addition. From the Franklin Armory website we also see that there is a standard semi automatic mode as well. The split times seem remarkable and the trigger is marketed as ideal for Tactical and Competition use.


Modifications to the plastic lowers may be required for the BFS III B&T – C1 to fit and function, but the OEM trigger will still be compatible after the conversion according to Franklin Armory. As noted on the Franklin Armory website, a gunsmith may be required for installation.


The BFS III B&T – C1 will include an ambidextrous safety and will have an MSRP of $499.99. Also noted is the current lead time of 3 or more weeks. Unfortunately this trigger will not be available for civilian sales in CA, DC, IA, NJ, NY, or WA. Stay tuned for a full review coming soon.

Above is an APC Pistol outfitted with the BFS III B&T - C1 trigger. Source:
Richard L.
Richard L.

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  • Plumber576 Plumber576 on Jun 07, 2018

    Geissele has said they will have a B&T trigger, so would B&T owners rather have the binary option or the Geissele?

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    • JNZ JNZ on Jun 09, 2018

      @ If there was a PS90 binary, I’d buy on in a heartbeat. Sadly I think the ship has sailed on 5.7mm, getting into it now seems late. I think it’s destined for TV shows and obscure history books.

  • Pliskin Pliskin on Jun 07, 2018

    Make one for the TP9 and if someone comes out with a side folder brace for it I'll have a new open carry setup.

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    • El Dude El Dude on Jun 08, 2018

      @Pliskin TechSmith has a side folding brace. The binary trigger isn't going to happen for the TP9 FCG. The similarities to the AR15 FCG is the only reason the B&T version came out so quickly.