NEW 77-Series Ruger 77/17 Chambered in .17 WSM


    Ruger has gone and expanded their 77-Series of rifles from 9 offerings out to the double digits of 10 now. Previously, if you were a fan of the .17 Winchester Super Magnum (.17 WSM) you could get a model 77/17 with an American Walnut stock and a stainless steel barrel. Now Ruger also is providing consumers with the option of purchasing a 77/17 with a blued barrel as well.

    This newest iteration being offered by Ruger is the most affordable of the 3 models available within the 77/17 line at an MSRP of $999. With many of the same features we have come to know and expect from Ruger, this rifle accepts rotary magazines, has the iconic integral scope mounts by Ruger and has a 3-Position Safety positioned on the bolt. The rest of specifications for this new rifle can be read below.

    • 20″ Blued, Alloy Steel, Cold Hammer-Forged Barrel
    • 1:9″ Right-Hand Twist w/ 6 Groove, Ultra-Precise Rifling
    • American Walnut Stock
    • 6 Round Detachable Rotary Magazine
    • 3-Position Safety
    • Weight 5.7┬áLbs
    • Overall Length 39.25″
    • Length-of-Pull 13.5″
    • Integral Scope Mounts (Scope Rings Included)
    • MSRP $999

    While the quality is definitely high on a rimfire rifle such as this, whether or not the price point is appropriate can be decided by the end consumer. Ruger spoke further on this new variation within the 77-Series in this quote released to the public:

    Following on the heels of the successful reintroduction of the 77-Series bolt-action rifles, Ruger is now offering the Ruger 77/17 chambered in .17 WSM with a 20″ blued alloy steel barrel and American walnut stock. Flat-shooting and superbly accurate, this rifle also features an improved trigger pull over previous 77/17 WSM models.

    This should be a rifle that we see become available very soon this summer. Ruger is typically pretty good about getting newly announced products to market and not forcing customers to wait months on end. The MSRP of this firearm once again is $999 and a factory specification sheet can be read below.


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