Gangster “Obrez” Mosin Nagant Confiscated by Las Vegas PD

    Jim Fuller of Rifle Dynamics recently shared this photograph of a cut down 91/30 Mosin Nagant that was recently taken to his shop by an officer of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department who needed some help identifying it. Apparently, the weapon was confiscated from a local criminal in the Las Vegas area.

    The illegal rifle-pistol combination that was turned in appears to be in very rough shape and is an example of a hasty job done on what was probably a legally or stolen 7.62x54r 91/30 Mosin Nagant. The magazine floor plate is popped out, most likely from inspection of the piece. Notice also that the rear sight is set on the furthest setting, maybe a result of examining the piece instead of any actual intent to use it at that setting (either way, there is no front sight that could co-witness with it). With a capacity of 5 rounds (plus 1) and some wicked recoil to boot, this is probably one of the more uncomfortable firearms out there to fire. But, if this is all a criminal element could come up with, then it probably fits their bill.

    Nick-named “Obrez” by some, the concept of creating a concealable “pistol” length version of a full-length Mosin Nagant has been around for some while. Usually, these are very crude pieces of work, often done by criminal elements in need of serviceable small arms that can be carried in a short form or even concealed. However, there is some work out there that takes the Obrez concept to another level entirely, making it a very legitimate conversion into a pistol length firearm with all the finishing touches required. As a perfect example in 2015, we shared this image of a finely done version, complete with mounted red dot optic and what appears to be a refinished stock with some sort of light finish applied to it.


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