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From Dragunov MA to AM-17 – how rejected designs become future weapons

Early prototype of AM-17, first public demonstration. August 2016 Recently, Larry Vickers visited Russia to get some pictures of rare and unique AKs for his upcoming Vickers Guidebook. He also visited the factory in Izhevsk and tried some of the newer weapons, including [Read More…]

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Jim Fuller Talks Rifle Dynamics Beginnings, State of the AK Industry and New Products for 2018

Since Jim Fuller founded Rifle Dynamics more than a decade ago, the company has risen to an extremely high standard of craftsmanship within the AK industry in the United States. Jim talks about the story of the company, starting with his very first introduction to the weapon system as an electrician [Read More…]

Pakistani FB Radom Recover Tactical Develops Subcompact Pistol Rails (3) AR-15 with an AK-47 Underfolder Stock! Why not (1) GeePlate Adds Baseplates for Glock 293030s, SIG P365 and SA XD-S Pistols (3) Liberty Suppressors 762HR Hunting Rifle Suppressor (3) ANR DESIGN ANVL UKON RMR Mount Danish Armed Forces adopt Sig P320 X-Carry