POTD: Todd Hodnett plays video games with Horus Vision

    "Up, up, down, down, left, right, left right, B, A!"

    At SHOT 2018 I was walking over to Horus Vision to speak with founder Dennis Sammut when an unexpected sight greeted me:  Todd Hodnett of Accuracy 1st was running people through a virtual reality video game designed to train users of the Horus Vision system of reticles.  Todd is an amazing long range shooter and an excellent instructor.  Though the line to try the “Horus Virtual Reality Experience” was too long for me to wait in, I did get to watch a few people try it out, and hear Todd’s excellent explanation of Horus’ Tremor3 reticle.  If anything, the system looks like a good way to keep up on long-range shooting skills if one lives in an area where deep snow impedes such activities during the winter.

    The HTC Vive  goggles and awesome Beneve VR rifle

    Mr. Hodnett explains how to make correct wind holds with the Tremor3

    For more information, and some video explanations from Todd Hodnett, visit Horus Vision.

    For those of you interested in long range shooting, be sure to check out Mr. Hodnett’s training company, Accuracy 1st.