Pistol Storage Device Brace and Spare Mag Holder

    Pistol Storage Device

    AR-15 pistols are all the rage these days, especially those chambered in pistol caliber rounds that accept Glock magazines. The Sig Tac SB15 was the first pistol stabilizing arm brace on the market. It kick-started a new trend and lots of controversies along the way. After the success of the SB15 the SBX Gen 2 was released. Then came other options from other manufacturers such as the Shockwave Blade and Tailhook braces, as well as other braces I’m sure I’m missing.

    At SHOT Show 2018 I stumbled upon another pistol brace that was different from the rest. It’s called the Pistol Storage Device and it’s a pistol brace that attaches to an AR buffer tube but also includes an attachment that allows you to store AR-15/10, AK, FN FAL, M1A, HK91 mags and more. It can also be reconfigured to store two double stack pistol caliber mags, like Glock, Sig and MP5 mags. Primary Weapon Systems is already using them on their AR-15 Pistols.

    The Pistol Storage Device fits on most standard AR buffer tubes and is held into place via retention screws. The folks at Pistol Mounted Solutions also have an ATF Letter posted on their site ruling that the use of the Pistol Storage Device doesn’t change your pistol into an SBR. The Pistol Storage Device has an MSRP of $59.99 and is available over at pistolmountedsolutions.com.

    Pistol Storage Device

    The Pistol Storage Device has room to store a single AR-15 mag or two Glock mags.

    Quantities and types of magazines that the PSD accommodates:

    1 x AR15
    1 x AK47/ AK74
    1 x AR10/ SR25/ DPMS 308
    1 x FN FAL
    1 x M1A
    1 x HK91
    1 x HK93
    2 x Double-Stack Glock 9mm
    2 x Sig MDX
    2 x MP5/ HK94 9mm
    2 x CZ Scorpion
    2 x Colt SMG

    The PSD is designed to conveniently store a variety of items, ranging from slings, tourniquets, magazines, etc. and only limited by what the shooter can fathom / fit into the PSD. The BATFE has determined that use of the PSD on a pistol would not change the pistol’s classification to a short-barreled-rifle (SBR). The PSD fits on any pistol that uses an AR style pistol buffer-tube, 1.2” diameter is ideal, but it will accommodate most AR style pistol buffer-tubes on the market. The PSD can store the following magazine types in any size round-capacity relative to that style of magazine. The retention screws can be adjusted to ensure the PSD does not slide, or rotate on the buffer-tube as well as ensuring ideal retention strength for any stored magazines within the PSD.


    The BATFE ruled that installing the PSD does not change the classification of your pistol into a short-barreled rifle (S.B.R.)
    Fully adjustable for maximum comfort and retention
    Fully adjustable to fit almost every pistol buffer tube & almost every magazine type*
    The only pistol device that is anti-rotational and that allows user to adjust the length without damaging the buffer tube.
    Limitless storage configurations, not just for magazines. Tourniquets, slings and other mission essential gear can easily be stored in the PSD – View all configurations in our gallery
    Made in America, by Americans, with American tooling and parts

    *There is no commercial or Mil-Spec standard diameter for pistol buffer tubes. The PSD can easily fit the majority of all pistol tubes ranging from 1.25”- 1.18”


    Super-tough DuPont Zytel polymer construction
    Nitrided steel hardware for the ultimate in durability and corrosion resistance
    Automotive grade tubing to prevent cracking and deformation
    Vibra Tite thread locker to ensure your PSD and gear stay put!
    Light Weight- weighs only 6 Oz assembled
    Due to limitless configurations, the PSD ships unassembled to allow the user to customize the PSD for their optimal settings

    Pistol Storage Device

    The Pistol Storage Device with two spare Glock mags

    Pistol Storage Device

    The Pistol Storage Device can also store gear and equipment such as slings, tourniquets etc.
    6 x 1″ 8-32 Truss Head Screw, Phillips Drive
    1 x 3/4″ 8-32 Truss Head Screw, Phillips Drive
    7 x 1/4″ 8-32 Threaded, Slotted Post
    1 x 4″ Length Rubber Vacuum Tubing
    1 x Vibra-Tite thread locker
    1 x Buffer-tube Cover
    1 x Buffer-tube Spacer
    2 x Storage Wings

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