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Wilson Combat has introduced an improved Remington 870 shotgun built with the involvement of the retired law enforcement officer and renown firearms instructor Rob Haught. The goal was to make an ultimate defensive shotgun by making some design improvements and adding accessories that proved to work best in defensive scenarios.

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Here is how Wilson Combat describes some of the features and the idea behind building this shotgun:

Legendary tactical trainer Rob Haught developed this model for Wilson Combat as a starting point for his ideal defensive 870 pump shotgun. The Rob Haught Special Shotgun takes many of our tried and true practical enhancements and adds a few new twists like a u-notch adjustable Wilson Combat Trak-Lok® rear sight with fiber optic front, Magpul furniture, and the Mesa Tactical Aluminum shell carrier for improved performance. A handy and practical Vickers designed sling from Blue Force Gear completes the package. You can order a Rob Haught Special Shotgun in a variety of Armor-Tuff® colors and with a variety of upgrades, but the base Signature model is an ideal scattergun for home, vehicle or ranch defense.

Below you can also find a video where Rob Haught demonstrates this shotgun.

Besides the above-described features, Wilson Combat Rob Haught Special shotgun also has an 18.4” cylinder bore (no bore constriction) barrel with a 3” chamber, magazine tube of five round capacity with a heavy duty extra power stainless steel magazine spring, dome head safety and a high visibility follower. These shotguns are available in 12 gauge only. The overall length of the Rob Haught shotgun is 36″.

The starting price of these Wilson Combat shotguns is $1,275. You can see several options of these shotguns on the Wilson Combat’s website.

Here is also a set of images showing some closeup views on different parts and areas of this custom shotgun.

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Images from www.wilsoncombat.com

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  • Spencerhut Spencerhut on May 30, 2018

    I'm got so irritated at fixing customers 870 chambers I have sworn off just about everything they are making now. Does Wilson Flex-Hone the chamber for you? Or does the customer have to go shoot the gun and bring it back with a shotgun hull stuck in the chamber first?

    At least Vang Comp ports the barrel and does some magic to the barrel throat. Well they did, now even Vang does Mossberg instead of Remington.
    My wife won this at a Steel Challenge match. So we have to keep it forever. https://uploads.disquscdn.c...

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  • Yarbles Yarbles on Jun 02, 2018

    Another overpriced scattergun for self or home defense.

    Get an AR pistol or SBR or hell even a 14.5" AR and be done with it.

    ... or a Glock (NOT Vickers Elite).