POTD: New For 2019 – Honda Adds 9mm 'Grip Zone' Bumpers

by Pete

In a strange industrial collaboration, car maker Honda and firearm manufacturer Springfield Armory have teamed up to develop a bumper system that will help drivers get a better handle on parallel parking situations. Labeled as the the front and rear Grip Zones, new car buyers are given the option of either standard or 9mm bumpers (.40 caliber bumpers are being phased out).

New For 2019 – Honda Adds 9mm ‘Grip Zone’ Bumpers

LAKEWOOD, Wash. ( KOMO) – A “flying gun” became lodged in a passing car along Interstate 5 near Lakewood Wednesday.

The driver was heading south when he saw a black object in the air strike the front of his car, according to Trooper Guy Gill. The driver said it didn’t seem to make a big impact on his car and no warning lights came on, so he drove on.

He made it about 18 miles, but when he stopped for gas in Olympia, was surprised to find a handgun was lodged in his front bumper.

“The driver called 911 and he was just kind of like everyone else saying, ‘This is so strange, but I believe I struck a firearm and it’s still stuck in the front of my vehicle,'” Gill said, adding it’s among the strangest things he’s seen in his 23-year career.

Lakewood police took possession of the gun and believe it may have been used in a shooting at Harry Todd Park on Wednesday afternoon.

The shooting took place around 5 p.m., which is about the same time the gun got lodged in the car’s bumper. – Read the full story at KOMONEWS.COM

Seriously, who calls 911 for objects lodged in their bumper? Is this a Grip Zone emergency?


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