NINETEEN ELEVEN: The Remington R1 Tactical Series

    R1 Tactical

    I am a hardcore polymer pistol guy, so forgive me if I ask an uneducated question. Are double stack 1911s a form of Browning Blasphemy? (Yes, I know about the hi-power). I can appreciate a solidly built steel pistol with a century’s worth of experience under its belt. But before I run my mouth about how I want a Remington 1911 R1 Tactical with a threaded barrel, I want to make sure I’m not committing a single-action, hammer-fired, grip-safety, .45 ACP sin.

    Either way, Remington’s addition to the R1 lineup seems to be a solid value in the price to specifications ratio – each R1 Tactical variant includes tritium sights, an accessory rail for lights and lasers and an adjustable skeletonized trigger.

    So, for my first 1911, is a double stack an option? Let me know your thoughts.

    Details and specifications can be found below.

    NINETEEN ELEVEN: The Remington R1 Tactical Series


    Engineered to Perform and Built to Adapt, The Model 1911 R1 Tactical Series

    Huntsville, AL Built for precision and hard use, the Model 1911 R1 Tactical is the pinnacle of adaptability and is now available at retail.

    Accuracy begins with an adjustable match-grade trigger, and its 5-inch match-grade stainless steel barrel, frame and slide tuned for consistent performance.  The PVD coating delivers reliably smooth operation and unparalleled durability.  The ambidextrous extended thumb safety allows easy operation in either hand, while its machined VZ Operator G10 grips, wide front and rear cocking serrations and checkered mainspring housing provide sure handling. The railed frame makes mounting accessories easy and fast.  And with Trijicon front and rear night sights, it’s ready to serve in any light.

    Features and Benefits:

    5″ ramped, match-grade stainless barrel – For superb accuracy
    Wide rear and front cocking Serrations – For positive grip regardless of field conditions
    Tritium front and rear sight – For rapid sight acquisition in low light
    Extended beavertail grip safety – For sure grip in the field
    Adjustable Skeletonized trigger – For a clean crisp break
    Tough PVD finish – For durability in all conditions
    VZ G10 Grips – For solid hold while firing
    Railed frame for accessory mounting
    Stainless Steel frame and slide

    MSRP: Single Stack (96385)​ $1,250

    MSRP: Double Stack (96486)​ $1,275

    MSRP: Double Stack Threaded (96488) $1,299


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