New Bolt-Action Rifle Stock by Krossdal Gunstock of Iceland

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Hunting Rifle Stocks by Krossdal Gunstock of Iceland (10)

Krossdal Gunstock is a rifle stock manufacturer located in Egilsstadir, Iceland. It is quite unusual to see gun-related products of Icelandic origin, isn’t it? In fact, Krossdal Gunstock claims to be the first ever rifle stock manufacturer from this country. Their first product was introduced at IWA 2018 arms exhibition held in Nuremberg, Germany.

Single tone and ...
... two-tone versions of the Krossdal stock

The first and main product of this company is a wooden bolt action rifle stock. The laminate hardwood used in their stocks is supplied by a Finnish company called CWP (Colored Wood Products). Krossdal stocks are then machined on 4-axis CNC machines. Here is a video showing some of the manufacturing processes.

As seen in the video, the lower portion (from the grip to the end of the forend) of these stocks is made out of a different color laminate wood epoxied to the main stock. It is primarily done for the aesthetical purposes.

The Krossdal stock has an adjustable length of pull and cheek rest height. The LOP can be adjusted within the range of 14.4″ to 15.35″ (365mm – 390mm). These stocks come with Accu-Shot folding and adjustable monopods and LimbSaver recoil pads. The grip features finger grooves. There is also a benchrest style attachment that is clipped to the front portion of the stock via magnets. The forend also features a QD sling swivel socket and a possibility to mount a short Picatinny rail section for attaching a bipod.

The stock with the benchrest forend attached
The 3 wide flat bottom forend piece attaches to the stock via built-in magnets

The Krossdal stock weighs about 4 lbs 5.6 oz (1,975 grams) including the weight of the monopod. The weight may slightly vary depending on what action it is inletted for. The overall length of the stock is from 34″ to 35″ (865mm – 890mm).

Hunting Rifle Stocks by Krossdal Gunstock of Iceland (6)

Currently, the Krossdal stock is available for Tikka T3 and T3x rifles only. According to Kristjan Krossdal, the CEO of the company, right now they are preparing to release the version of the stock inletted for Howa 1500/Weatherby Vanguard 2 action which should be available in June 2018. Within a couple of months, they will also introduce the Krossdall stock with Remington 700 (SA/LA) footprint. There are also many other rifle compatible versions in works.

The company ships these stocks worldwide. For the US customers, the price is $1,049. The shipping cost is $40. The price includes the installed monopod, the benchrest forend and the QD sling mounts.

Images provided by Krossdal Gunstock

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  • MikebikeSTH MikebikeSTH on May 29, 2018

    They had to import wooden laminates because they have no forests in Iceland! 😁

  • Cisco kid Cisco kid on May 29, 2018

    The cheek piece reminds me of petrified bog wood. They must import the wood to make these stocks from the bogs of Europe. Of course I should not complain the stock is made of wood and that is a heck of a lot better than the plasticky stocks being vomited out on the market today.