POTD: Be Careful What You Wish For – M&P45


    Found this reposted in a gun group. Often some people get frustrated at their guns and gear. However rather than isolating and addressing the issue they like to lash out and blame the gun or gear. Here is a great example of someone eating humble pie over an M&P45.

    A disgruntled person attended a S&W armorer’s course. He complained about how an officer’s M&P45 is terrible and how he and the officer could not get the gun to group with self defense rounds nor target ammo.

    Gregory Grutter, Chief Firearms Instructor for S&W, happened to be at the course and asked if he could try shooting the M&P45. He used his business cards as targets, set them at 15 yards and shot one with Winchester Ranger SXT and the other Winchester White Box.

    Here is what he posted:

    Guy comes to an armorers course.

    Very loudly tells the instructor, the M&P 45 one of this officers is carrying is sh*t.

    The officer and this long time guru of all thing shooting said that they both couldn’t get the gun to shoot/group at all. Not with FMJ or duty ammo. He then just goes on to trash talk the gun, the brand and now he has the attention of the class.

    Boss gives me the eye…

    “Hey Sir, can I shoot it?”

    “Have at it, I don’t want that POS back! “

    Shot two groups at 15 yards Winchester Ranger SXT and white box FMJ


    “Why did you shoot your cards? Ain’t got no targets?”

    *Big smile*

    “Na, in case you or your officer want to learn how to shoot you will have the numbers to call.

    An important reminder: before blaming objects make sure you know what you are talking about and who you are complaining to. Of course man made objects can fail. Even if the gun had been defective, a sample size of one is not a good litmus test. You can’t say all models are bad if you have only shot one and had a negative experience.