Australian Outback Ammo Available In The U.S.


    Australian Outback Ammo is once again headed to the U.S. In a recovering ammunition and component market in America, the pricing differentials between imported and domestic made product is beginning to level off. Ten shipping containers full of the Aussie cartridges will arrive on the east coast next week and will be available at and

    Australian Outback Ammo is designed to resist temperature flunctuations that can effect point of aim, point of impact results. Pricing information will be available soon.

    Australian Outback Ammo (U.S. DistriButor)

    Australian Outback provides shooters with the best quality components when assembling their ammunition. The hollow point boat tail design provides that extra margin of ballistic performance match shooters need to fire at long ranges under adverse conditions.

    This round is part of a new line of ammunition, developed by Australian Outback, that leaves your barrel with the same high velocity at extreme temperature ranges. No matter if it’s scorching hot or freezing cold, Australian Outback ammunition delivers consistent extreme high velocity and ultra-reliability you demand in all shooting circumstances.  For the technically minded, it’s called Ballistic Temperature Independence (BTI). But all you really need to know is Australian Outback ammunition will never let you down.

    About Outback Ammo (AU Site)

    Captain John Whitney (the guy in the picture) founded Australia’s first ammunition factory in the 1880s. He had a reputation for being a great innovator, committed to producing quality ammunition.

    Through the first and second world wars and the wars in Vietnam and Korea, ammunition depended on by Australian soldiers and allied forces was produced in our factories. Our military ammunition continues to command an unrivalled reputation for precision and reliability.

    Today, Australian Outback ammunition is proudly produced according to the principles established by the Captain. Our commitment to quality and our attention to detail is driven by our customers’ expectations and our proud manufacturing heritage.

    Our unique Ballistic Temperature Independence technology, teamed with a relentless focus on achieving perfection, has resulted in ammunition the Captain would be proud of.

    Press Release

    Sarasota, Florida May 18, 2018

    Phoenix Defense Group LLC and Global Ordnance LLC are pleased to announce the return of Australian OutBack Ammunition (AOB) to the United States.

    Phoenix Defense Group (PDG) is the exclusive importer of AOB ammo and Global Ordnance (GO) is the exclusive distributor of AOB for the US market.

    Long-time friends, Mike Swingley, President/CEO of PDG and Marc Morales, President/CEO of GO were successful in establishing their exclusive import and distribution agreement with Thales Australia, which trades as Australian Munitions.

    “Thales has worked with PDG for more than 5 years. The new exclusive agreement strengthens the relationship and will ensure the USA consumer will have better access to the fantastic AOB range.”
    PDG CEO Swingley said, “Marc and I have been friends and business associates for many years. It’s great to be able to work with Marc and Global Ordnance to bring the top quality AOB product line back to the US.”

    GO CEO Morales said, “The AOB product is absolutely superior. We are exceptionally pleased to be the US distributor of Australian Munitions’ outstanding line of sporting ammo.”

    Australian OutBack Ammo may be purchased at and at


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