Recknagel NSB Banded Ramp Assembly

    While doing a research for another article, I came across a quite an interesting combination device designed by a German company called Recknagel. This accessory is called NSB Banded Ramp Assembly. It is designed to be installed on hunting rifles as a front sight ramp, however, this device not only provides a front sight but also a rotating front sling swivel and a protection mean for the muzzle and muzzle plug.

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    According to the company, the rotating sling swivel feature allows the rifle to rotate and adjust itself on your back. Here is how Recknagel describes this feature:

    The NSB-banded ramp with rotating barrel band, makes a suitable heavy duty tracking gun out of your standard rifle.

    In combination with a swivel stud attached to either side of the butt stock, your rifle can be carried in an optimal position when walking in thick foliage or over rough terrain. No matter whether used with a backpack style sling or a classic gun sling, the rifle will always rotate and lay flat against the back of the shooter.

    There is another advantage that this system offers to hunters. Because the sling swivel is mounted close to the muzzle, there is no barrel sticking up your shoulder which minimizes the possibility of barrel snagging on tree branches or bushes.

    Recknagel NSB Banded Ramp Assembly (1)

    The rotating mechanism of the sling mount includes a bearing (presumably made of composite material) which ensures a noiseless motion of the sling swivel. The Recknagel NSB Banded Ramp Assembly can also be mounted slightly forward of the muzzle providing extra protection for the muzzle and the muzzle plug. This accessory also provides a front sight mounting platform which allows installing one of the dozens of front sight posts made by Recknagel.

    Apparently, the Recknagel NSB Banded Ramp Assembly has been around for a couple of years, however, I couldn’t find any information concerning its availability and price. If you know where it is available for purchase please let us know in the comments section.

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