Guncrafter Industries Hellcat X2 Pistols

    Guncrafter Industries Hellcat X2 Pistols (1)

    Guncrafter Industries has released new 1911-style pistols called Hellcat X2. Although being based on the 1911 design, these pistols are fed from double stack magazines. Pistols with such layout are also known as 2011 pistols. Another key difference from the classic 1911 is that the Hellcat X2 is chambered in 9x19mm or .40 S&W.

    Guncrafter Industries Hellcat X2 Pistols (1)

    The full-size version of the Hellcat X2 pistol

    The Hellcat X2 pistol is available in Commander or Government sizes (4.25″ and 5″ barrels respectively). These pistols utilize match grade stainless steel barrels with a fairly deep muzzle crown. The Government size barrel also features a TiN (titanium nitride) finish. The Guncrafter Industries BattleCrown™ barrel bushings duplicate the slide contour and continue the barrel crown angle giving the gun a cleaner look.

    Guncrafter Industries Hellcat X2 Pistols (2)

    Another look at the Government size pistol

    The Commander size pistols come with Guncrafter Industries tritium sights whereas the full-size model is equipped with Bomar adjustable rear sight and fiber optic front sight.

    Frames and grips of the Commander size pistols are both made of aluminum. The Government size version has a steel frame with Picatinny rail section under the dust cover. The grips and mainspring housings feature the Guncrafter Industries Frag pattern which is probably called so because it is reminiscent of some frag grenades’ appearance. Both pistols also come with match grade triggers.

    Guncrafter Industries Hellcat X2 Pistols (4)

    The Commander size Hellcat X2 pistol

    Magazine capacity of the 9mm version of Hellcat X2 pistol is 17 rounds. Each of these pistols comes with two fitted and tuned magazines. It doesn’t mean that non-fitted magazines won’t work, but these pistols, in general, are hand built which normally means that every part is custom fitted.

    Guncrafter Industries Hellcat X2 Pistols (3)

    Guncrafter Industries Hellcat X2 pistols come in Cordura cases. The finish on the slides is black Cerakote over melonite. The MSRP is $3,895 for both the Commander and Government size models.

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