TFB Review: L2D Combat Catalyst Slide Glock 17 Gen 4

Adam Scepaniak
by Adam Scepaniak

Shooters love to modify, alter and make their firearms their own personal masterpieces. The number one platform that firearm enthusiasts modify is the AR-15, but a likely close 2nd place would be a Glock. There is an overflowing abundance of aftermarket parts for Glock firearms. Everything from barrels to slides to sights to frames and even custom shops that will change every component of the pistol to your liking (for a nominal fee, of course). One company that is relatively new on the scene is L2D Combat. Even still, the components they are producing have stellar curb appeal. We review the L2D Combat Catalyst Slide Glock 17 Gen 4 to see if their quality and craftsmanship matches their aesthetic appeal.

specifications: L2d combat catalyst slide glock 17 gen 4

Like we previously mentioned, there are a LOT of aftermarket companies out on the market making components for Glocks. So to see what this L2D Combat has to offer that could differentiate itself from all the others in the pack, let’s take a look at the specifications.

  • Made in the USA
  • Stainless Steel 17-4 CNC Milled Construction
  • DLC (Diamond Like Carbon) Coating for Added Corrosion Resistance & Self Lubrication Properties
  • RMR Sight Cover Plate Included w/ RMR Sight Mounting Hardware
  • Bull Nose Muzzle Design for Easy Holstering
  • Proprietary L2D Low Profile 17-4 Stainless Steel RMR Cover Plate Screws w/ DLC Finish
  • Lowered Ejection Port Giving Added Clearance for Spent Casings to Eject
  • Accepts Trijicon RMR Red Dot Sights or Sights w/ Compatible Mounting Footprints
  • Firing Pin Channel Liner Pre-Installed
  • Drop-In Easy Installation

The L2D Combat Catalyst Slide also features front indexing lugs to ensure a zero point of impact during operation, or during removal and re-installation. According to L2D Combat, an absolute co-witness with raised suppressor height sights can be achieved with any RMR model.

This slide, and all L2D Combat slides, are 100% compatible with OEM Glock internals and aftermarket parts designed to work with Glock pistols.

This Glock slide lends a lot of its curb appeal to the asymmetrical angled cocking serrations, but they serve a purpose as well. The aggressive texturing aids in grip while racking the slide whether it is dry as a bone or dripping wet in a down pour of rain.

slide internals install: L2d combat catalyst slide glock 17 gen 4

For those who have a basic understanding of Glocks or can follow along with simple YouTube tutorials of field-stripping internals, to swap out parts is very easy. The slide I personally ordered from L2D Combat came with sights of my choosing. To transition sights from your factory slide to the L2D Combat one would be an easy task though if it was not already completed. The rear sight can simply be tapped out with a brass punch, or a rear sight pusher can be utilized if you happen to have one. The front sight is screwed in from the bottom and a 3/16″ Hex driver can do the trick there.

The rest of the internals such as the firing pin assembly, slide cover plate, extractor and other important internal components swapped over seamlessly. There was no binding or fighting with components. The transition of parts into the stripped L2D Combat slide went without hiccups which is what one would hope for. I did mention “stripped” slide, but it does come with the firing pin channel liner pre-installed.

trijicon rmr install: L2d combat catalyst slide glock 17 gen 4

To fully complete this tacti-cool Glock slide, I ordered a Trijicon RMR to be installed as well. The L2D Combat slide is specifically cut for an RM R or any other brand with that same plate pattern. The indexing lugs on the slide are very crisp and have tight tolerances. This is great for rigidity and maintaining a zero, but you need to drop-in your RMR perfectly onto those lugs. Gently shifting it side-to-side on top of the lugs can help guide its way home and ensure your RMR is flush and tight to the slide.

Once at the point of screwing in the mounting screws, you will likely want to use the screws provided from L2D Combat.

Once all completed, the only thing remaining to do is to drop in your barrel and recoil spring assembly. Then, head to the range, deposit some lead in a target and warm the slide up!

range time: L2d combat catalyst slide glock 17 gen 4

While shooting at the range the 1st day I completed the build of the slide, and having now owned it for 8 months and 1,000+ rounds later, nothing has happened… which is perfect! The zero that was established from Day 1 has not shifted. All of the internal components are not wearing peculiarly whatsoever. The gun has been entirely dis-assembled twice to individual components to check this and do a deep cleaning. The functioning, performance and attractiveness of this slide is everything you could hope for it to be.

after-thoughts: L2d combat catalyst slide glock 17 gen 4

Let’s be honest… when a lot of us buy aftermarket slides for any of our beloved pistols, a significant amount of value is placed in how it looks. In my bias opinion, this is a sharp looking slide, but some people may disagree with me (different strokes, different folks).

The install and assembly of the internal components of the slide went in without a hitch. Something you would expect and should have no concerns about.

Mounting the RMR went well also and thankfully the L2D Combat mounting screws worked perfectly. The one complaint I have about the slide are the indexing lugs. Not because they do not index properly or were not machined correctly or anything of that nature. It would have honestly been nice to have a blank mounting area so the buyer could choose any reflex optic they want; expensive or cheap. Trijicon likely has the most popular reflex optic on the market with their series of RMRs, but the ability to have more choice would have been nice. It is a give and take of narrowing down your reflex options and the indexing lugs providing better securement and accuracy.

Finally, shooting at the range from the 1st round to the 1,000th and beyond worked great. The iron sights (installed by L2D Combat at the factory) were zeroed and held their position. The RMR which I installed held its spot. All of the internal components that were swapped over exhibited no signs of significant wear or problems. The functionality was flawless.

If the L2D Combat Catalyst Slide for a Glock 17 Gen4 or other Glock you may own interests you, they retail for $479.99 on L2D Combat’s website.

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Adam Scepaniak

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