Surefire Dual Fuel Battery Requirements

    Dual Fuel Battery

    Many have been excited about the Surefire Fury (Dual Fuel Tactical) DFT and new M600 (Dual Fuel) DF Scout lights. These lights boast 1200 lumens with CR123s and 1500 lumens using 18650 batteries. Users may have experienced issues when running 18650s from other brands. In response to this issue, Surefire has offered a discount to those who have purchased Fury DFTs or M600 DF Scout lights.

    Shown is the new Surefire Fury DFT. With quality 18650 batteries this ultrahigh output light can produce 1500 lumens.

    Dual Fuel Battery Requirements

    According to an Instagram post from Surefire, when using 18650 batteries other than those by Surefire, some users have been experiencing issues with their lights shutting off after activation. Due to the Fury DFT and M600 DF being ultra-high-output lights, batteries that are not able to have a minimum discharge rate of 5A will not be able to allow for proper illumination as designed. This is common with many generic 18650s. Many generic 18650s do not meet the required minimum discharge rate and the actual discharge rate is often not stated. The Surefire 18650A  battery allows up to a 6a draw and is the recommended battery for the Fury DFT and M600 DF lights.

    Surefire’s Response

    Surefire has made the decision to resolve the battery issue with a 30 day offer. For those who purchased a Fury DFT or M600 DF, Surefire is offering up to 2 Surefire 18650As or the Surefire 18650A-KIT including a battery charger at a 40 percent discount with free shipping. Users simply email [email protected] with the serial number of the Fury DFT or M600 DF and the user’s telephone number, name, and address. Surefire will contact the user shortly to finish the necessary arrangements.

    I contacted a local vape shop to inquire about quality 18650 batteries. These batteries have worked and produce a high output, but they do not retain a charge as long as I had hoped.

    Surefire has always had a no questions asked warranty on their products, so their response is not surprising,  To find out more about Surefire products click here.

    The output on the Fury DFT has been very impressive. I look forward to seeing the performance with Surefire brand 18650s.


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