PKDesign Lab Weaponlight Lego Map And New Pistol Light

    weaponlight lego map

    Paul Kim (PK) has posted an update of his new M52 weapon light which we posted about on April 24. PK posted up this weaponlight Lego map showng all the combination of setups you can have with his line of flashlights. There are some very interesting developments in that map. It seems he is making IR heads and laser modules.

    From the map above it seems PK’s weaponlights will all start with the M51 3v system. Basically his take on an M300 Scoutlight. Rather than making a separate two cell body, he is making an extension called the AD-M52


    The M52 will be 1,100 lumens and will last for one hour on two CR123s. While the single cell M51 will have 550 lumens for a run time of 45 minutes. They will both have a shrouded tail cap and come in black or desert brown.

    M52-WIR See In The Dark

    If you look at the weaponlight Lego map you can see some heads with WIR as a suffix. These are PK’s IR weaponlights. I heard PK was going to use the same IR design as the SureFire vampire but it looks like he is going in a different direction. From the photos below it seems you still rotate the head, just like a Vampire, to select between visible and IR modes. However rather than rotating the VIS LED element out of the way and shifting the IR LED in place, PK has opted for an older design. It has three IR LEDs around the main 1,100 lumen LED on the M52-WIR head. This reminds me of the SureFire A2 Aviator which was a regulated incandescent flashlight with three auxiliary leds around the main bulb.



    You can get the IR light in a 3v single cell or two cell 6v style scoutlight.


    I am curious how well the IR heads will fair compared to the Scoutlight Vampires. Right off the bat, the reported 1,100 lumens is staggering for a light with secondary IR lights. The SureFire M600V only puts out 350 lumens of white light. The M51-WIR pdf mentions the IR LEDs are 350 mW compared to the M600V which only has 120mW. The SureFire M300V and V1 vampire are both single cell lights like the M51 and they only have 100mW IR output. The arrangement of the IR LEDs will be interesting to see how they work with NODs. If we go back to the A2 Aviator design, the auxiliary LEDs do not throw much light and are pretty much all flood. I suppose for a pistol light this would be fine but on a rifle, I have found you need more IR light to shine past ambient light and to illuminate objects down range.

    PK Pistol Lights

    As I had said in my earlier article, PK is responsible for helping to design the SureFire X200 and X300 weapon lights. So it is not a surprising to see a similar design in his new pistol light. Just like PK’s M51 and M52, there will be two versions of the M11. Visible only and a Vis/IR version.

    The M11 is a two cell powered light and so it has a similar LED as the M52 which puts out 1,100 lumens.

    M11 image from PKDesign Lab PDF




    M11-WIR image from PKDesign Lab pdf


    The M11 PDF shows a dissembled M11 and it looks like the head may be interchangeable. Something not seen in other pistol lights.  I thought the M11 and M52 heads would be similar but you can see the threads are shorter than the M52 so they are not interchangeable.


    Weaponlight Lego Map Hints At Lasers

    Looking carefully at the Weaponlight Lego Map there are two objects on their that I believe to be laser modules. SureFire used to have a laser head called the L72. It was used on MP5s and M4s.

    Unfortunately I was unable to find any more information on PK’s website about the M72. If you look at the two different model names it seems there will be an IR and a green laser.

    Tape Switch Mount

    It looks like PK is following in the same steps as Cloud Defensive and making a tape switch mount. Rather than using velcro to attach the tape switch the TSM will clamp onto a picatinny rail. I can’t tell in the PDF below but I do not think the TSM has cable routing channels like the Cloud Defense LCS mount. I hope they can incorporate that feature into the TSM. Having a hard mount does make it easier to press the tape switch but wire management is equally important.

    At the moment there are no prices for these weaponlights. According to marketing manager Josh Whi, the tape switches are on their way soon and pricing for their products will be extremely competitive.  As soon as they get the new tape switch with 90 deg plug, they will be launching an online store to sell them directly. We will update you when they go live.

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