POTD: Weaponsmart HOLY ROLLER Receiver Set

    Holy Roller

    On this segment of Picture-of-the-Day (POTD), we take a look at an AR-15 receiver set. That statement alone sounds riveting, we know, but stick with us here. We have all seen skeletonized components before. Ones that have a little material trimmed to reduce weight while still maintaining rigidity and functionality. Well, this one might as well be crowned the winner of that metaphorical competition. This is a Weaponsmart “Holy Roller” stripped receiver set that takes skeletonizing to the max!

    Weaponsmart is a company based out of Lewiston, Idaho that boasts a very diverse website of all things firearms related with a strong showing for the AR-15 platform. Their mantra is… “Intelligent Solutions and Selection.”

    This receiver set in particular is a little difficult to find on their website making it the epitome of a diamond in the rough. The description provided by Weaponsmart is extremely short likely because the receiver set speaks for itself.

    • Skeletonized AR-15 Receiver Set
    • 7075 Billet Aluminum
    • Stamped “Multi” Caliber
    • Combined Receiver Set weight of 13.1 Ounces

    Holy Roller

    The retail price for the Holy Roller receiver set is $379.95 which sounds on the high end. Bear in mind, it is a billet receiver set and this is anything, but ordinary.

    Personally, I have mixed feelings about this receiver set. From a purely artistic and machining standpoint, it is a very impressive and cool product. It is definitely something most of us have never seen before when the market is saturated with “custom” AR-15 receivers and components.

    Holy Roller

    Conversely, my pragmatic mind is concerned for the amount of dirt, carbon and other debris that can easily enter through this much skeletonizing. While the skeletonized look would be easy to clean with a sonic cleaner or an air hose, it still leaves the door open for debris to enter through every machined cut and hole imaginable.

    A double-edged sword of tacti-cool, and I hope my gun doesn’t stop running.

    What do you guys and gals think?… Let us know in the comments below!

    Holy Roller