[NRA 2018] Def Con Safes Create Modular Custom Options at NRA Debut

Rachel Y
by Rachel Y

New to NRA 2018 comes the team at Def Con Safes. The semi-customizable and modular designs make affordable gun safes for any sized arsenal. Pictured above is the Def Con 1.

Key Features Outside the Safe:

The recessed lockblocks and shipwheels on the front of the safe doors allow for movement through standard door frames when moving the safe into or out of a room in the home without catching on the jamb.

Customization on the outside of the safe comes in the form of 5 different interchangeable shipwheels available through Def Con when the safe is ordered. The anti-pry T-Lock system on the door is a patented design meant to deter theft.

The anti-pry T-Lock system is one of many unique features on Def Con Safes.

key features inside the safe:

The adaptive peg board inside the safes allow for either traditional peg hooks or square brackets to be placed in a variety of positions and locations, making the safes as versatile as they are functional.

According to Def Con engineer Peter Yu, 80% of damage to gun scopes happen in the safes. Ill-fitting brackets and mounts make for crowded safes where scopes can get bumped, knocked out of zero, and more. Def Con created brackets with deeper recesses and wider openings to accommodate rifles with mounted scopes to lessen the likelihood of bumping or hitting them.

MOLLE panels on the inside of the safe mean that other gear can also be mounted and protected as well.

The Adaptive Peg Board creates a variety of options for any firearm enthusiast.

Key Safety Features:

The 1/2″ 304 Stainless Steel Plate Door has a multi-step seal which locks the door in the event of tampering with either the shipwheel or lockblock. The entire safe has a 2.5 hour fire and scorch resistant rating.

More importantly, the Def Con 1 has a silicone water/smoke seal. In the event of a fire in the home or office, the damage resulting from use of a firehose to extinguish the blaze won’t cause water damage to the firearms protected inside.

The Def Con 1 has an MSRP of $7995. It and other safes from the company are available now for purchase. Learn more about Def Con Safes here.

Rachel Y
Rachel Y

Rachel Young is a 4x Best Selling Author. She and her husband John co-own an FFL/SOT showroom and machine shop in Tennessee, specializing in ARs, AR parts, and AR accessories.

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  • Martin M Martin M on May 09, 2018

    The honest truth about gun safes is they are expensive, heavy, and won't do what you think they will do. No safe will protect your guns from an actual house fire. The fire ratings build up expectations, but reality will always exceed those ratings. The only thing they will prevent is casual unauthorized contact. In other words, it'll keep the kids and burglars out. A much cheaper, lighter, strongbox will accomplish the same thing. No TL rating will stop a dedicated thief.

    Spend your money elsewhere and put lighter weight secure gun storage where you want it.

  • Boberson Boberson on May 09, 2018

    I think u guys mean UL rating, the lowest of which is an RSC - residential security container.
    Real safes start with a UL rating of TL-15.
    This metal box of mostly drywall carries neither as far as I can tell.
    It is insanely overpriced. You could buy a gun sized TL-15 or TL-30 safe brand new for $8k.
    Whether you want a 6000lb gun safe is probably another question.
    At least these guys use UL rated locks which means this thing should actually open when you want it to.

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    • Boberson Boberson on May 09, 2018

      @Anomanom Even then, unless you’re mister rigging crane master, you need a pro company to move it over any stairs or through any finished space. I had a line on a super cheap tl-30 but after realizing it would have to live in my detached garage or cost me a grand to move into my basement I said forget it.