Henry X Series Concept Lever Action Rifle and Shotgun

    Remember the Midwest Industries M-LOK Handguard we posted about last month for the Henry lever action rifle in 45-70? Well it looks like someone at the Henry Repeating Arms company saw it, because at NRAAM 2018 in Dallas they showed off their X series concept lever action rifle and shotgun which use the new Midwest Industries handguard.

    These new concepts are meant to “emphasize the modularity of the Henry Lever Action platform” and is their “contemporary interpretation of the quintessential American Rifle”. Basically they’re modernized versions of their classic firearms with cool new parts on them. Where have we seen something like this before? Back in 2012 Mossberg released a tactical lever action rifle called the 464 SPX. Unlike the Mossberg 464 SPX, the new Henry X Concept rifle and shotgun isn’t that bad looking. And it looks a lot more functional too.

    About the Henry X1 Concept

    The Henry X1 Concept Rifle (seen up above and below) is based on their steel 45-70 lever action rifle. It has their all weather stock, the Midwest Industries M-LOK Handguard, a Picatinny rail on top of the receiver and a Leupold Optics Red Dot mounted to it.

    Henry Lever Action Rifle

    A closer look at the M-LOK handguard, rail and Leupold Red Dot.

    From Henry’s Instagram Page:

    For those of you who didn’t know you needed a Henry Lever Action in your life, pay attention. Henry X is a one off series of concept rifles representing our contemporary interpretation of the quintessential American Rifle

    Introducing the Henry X1 Concept, a build meant to emphasize the modularity of the Henry Lever Action platform.
    Based on our steel 45-70 model, the Henry X1 features all weather stocks, a @midwestindustries M-Lok hand guard, and @leupoldoptics Red Dot. Brush gun, truck gun, or big game getter, the Henry Lever action platform is up to the task.
    So let us know, should we build it?

    Henry X2 Concept Shotgun

    Henry also showed off their X2 Concept Shotgun. It’s a .410 bore lever action shotgun that features a large loop lever, M-LOK handguard, fiber optic sights and a Briley Manufacturing choke.

    Henry Lever Action Shotgun

    The X2 Lever Action Shotgun

    Henry Lever Action Shotgun

    The X2 Concept Lever Action Shotgun uses fiber optic sights and a large loop lever.

    From Henry’s Instagram Page:

    The second model in our Henry X concept line, the X2 is based on our 410 bore lever action shotgun. 🇺🇸
    Featuring our large loop lever, fiber optic sights, custom @brileymfg choke, and the @midwestindustries M-Lok handguard, the X2 is the last word in lever gun versatility.

    There are no prices known for the X1 or X2 as they’re only concepts. What do you think about them? if you’d like to see Henry make them let them know at their Instagram Page.

    Editor’s note: The new X1 large loop lever appears to be very similar to the design of the Ranger Point Precision lever reviewed by Rusty S. last year. 

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