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Joel W
by Joel W
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Cole-TAC is a manufacturer of tactical products for the shooting sports enthusiast or operator. They make barricade bags, rear bags, suppressor covers, shooting mats, brass bags, and quite a bit more.

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One product I would like to mention is the Cole-TAC cuddle bag. It is a large “pillow” designed to be used by a rifle shooter anytime they need to mitigate movement in the upper torso while trying to take a steady aimed shot from a kneeling or otherwise unsupported position. This kind of bag has many uses, but this is a primary one. The shooter can curl up around the bag and prevent the upper body from swaying nearly as much as it would with nothing for support. The Cuddle Bag measures 12 inches by 10 inches by 8 inches and weighs 12 ounces. Cole-TAC Cuddle Bag MSRP $99.95

Credit: Cole-Tac

Another product that I personally appreciate is the Cole-TAC Ammo Book. Like many shooters, I reload my own rifle rounds. What I would normally do is place my reloaded rounds into a standard plastic reloader’s box. The downside to that has been that on occasion the box will pop open thereby spilling my rounds all over inside my range bag or competition pack. These boxes are bulky and take up valuable space as well. The Ammo Book from Cole-Tac is an alternative to the boxes. The book is flatter than a box and takes up less space. The flap on the book has hook and loop closure to keep the book from accidentally opening and spilling your cartridges. Cole-Tac Ammo Book MSRP $84.95

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One final product I would like to highlight is the Rifle Guardian. The Cole-Tac Rifle Guardian is a highly water-resistant cover for your bolt action long guns. On many occasion, I have needed something exactly like this and haven’t had a solution in the field. In case you’re not aware, getting rain, mud, and snow inside your action and barrel is a bad thing. Let me rephrase that, it’s a potentially dangerous situation. Your rifle can become over pressured quite easily by allowing just a small amount of fluid to build up inside your barreled action. This cover keeps your gun dry, period. Cole-TAC Rifle Guardian MSRP $58.95

Joel W
Joel W

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