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Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

Paladin Custom is an Australian Veteran based company. They make packs for the military and adventurers. Just a few days ago, Paladin Custom launched in the US and they are releasing their flagship Apex Modular Rig (AMR). It is a chest rig and belt system for carrying your hunting load as well as a patent pending Reflex Quick Release™ system.

Apex Modular Rig (AMR)

Photo Credit: Paladin Custom
Back of the AMR in Multicam. Photo Credit: Paladin Custom
AMR components. Photo Credit: Paladin Custom

The AMR is basically a chest rig with pouches designed to carry what ever you need for a hunt. The front of the chest rig has four non-removable pouches.

There is the main pouch at your stomach to carry larger items like a camera.
Right above the main pouch is a smaller pouch with a magnetic flap. This is for carrying binoculars or a range finder.
Open top pouch for a radio or GPS.
Small zippered pouch for storing your mobile phone or other small items.

The belt has five pouches for carrying more gear.

Reflex Quick Release™

At the back of the AMR is the weapon carrying system with Reflex Quick Release™. This allows you to store your weapon of choice on your back. Then you can pull the main tab and the Reflex Quick Release™ frees your weapon for immediate use. Unlike a sling the AMR secures your gun to your back and frees your hands for other tasks.

Here are some examples of a variety of guns that can be mounted to the AMR. You can even have the AMR carry a bow or cross bow.

The AMR is available in a small selection of colors. It comes in multicam or coyote. There are three packages of the AMR. They range from $320 to $500

The Basic Package is just the chest rig. Intermediate package adds two modular pouches for an additional $40. Or you can opt for the Premium package which includes everything from the intermediate package but adds gear belt system. The Premium package costs $500.

US launch giveaway starts now! Winner will receive a @proof_research carbon fiber barrel of their choice and one of our game changing APEX Modular Rig’s! These are the lightest and most accurate rifle barrels on the planet and coupled with the AMR, makes for the ultimate lightweight hunting setup. Contest Rules: #1 Follow both Paladin Custom and @proof_research on facebook and instagram. #2 Tag two friends. #3 Comment how you will use your new proof barrel and AMR. #4 You can enter as many times as you would like by tagging two different friends for each comment. #5 Must be at least 18 years old and be a legal US resident. #6 Winner will be chosen next Friday, May 11th.

Paladin has teamed up with Proof Research and is doing a give away for one of their AMR and Proof Research barrel. click here to check it out on Facebook or go to this website to read the details. Check out their website for more details on the AMR and their other packs.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Benjamin van Lier Benjamin van Lier on May 07, 2018

    The real question I want to know is how hard it is to re-mount the rifle on your back!

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    • Benjamin van Lier Benjamin van Lier on May 08, 2018

      @AMX You got a win there. Just purchased one. Thank you!

  • Brah Brah on May 07, 2018

    Nicky come on baby. No website link to Paladin and no mention of the Denier/Tex count? It looks like nice stuff though. Anyone here use Kifaru's or Paladin's stuff?