OPTION ZERO – Featureless AR15 Stock From Survivor Systems Inc.

Maggie W
by Maggie W

Survivor Systems Inc, based out of Southern California offers a Featureless AR stock system that allows the end user easy access to an extra ten round magazine. Let’s check out the OPTION ZERO stock that has storage for a 10 round magazine.

“Our CA compliant system, the OPTION ZERO is the most advanced “FEATURELESS” AR stock on the market. the OPTION ZERO can be installed in minutes with no modifications to your rifle. our on-board spare magazine stowage gives a critical tactical advantage restricted capacity states like CA, doubling your ammunition capacity in case you’re forced to fight with “what’s in or on the rifle” . enjoy the peace of mind of mind knowing that not only is your AR 100% compliant, it’s also ready to fight.

The Control and Grip of the rifle is quite comfortable and intuitive! The feel is reminiscent of the “precision marksman” grip taught to most snipers and target shooters and actually aids accuracy. The angle of the grip places your wrist in a very natural and comfortable position, which maximizes control while minimizing shooter fatigue.

The on-board extra-magazine storage creates a serious tactical advantage in states such as CA, which limit magazine capacity to 10rds. Having a spare magazine on your rifle means that you can have a personal defense carbine that is ready to be brought into use with 20rds on-board! Remember that in an emergency, you are not likely to have access to spare magazines, and you will need to rely on what’s either in, or on the rifle!

The interchangeable “length of pull spacers” (LOP) allow you to set the your length of pull to meet your individual needs (between 12-7/8″ – 14-1/4″). This will insure that no shooters feel left out, regardless of their needs.

MSRP: 149.99

OPTION ZERO Specifications:

  • Easy to install! With our our patent pending design, once our proprietary BG16 grip is installed, attachment of the stock takes only seconds, with no permanent modifications to the rifle*.
  • Installs on any Mil-Spec buffer tube*
  • Easy to remove! Shooting an out of state match? No problem, a few seconds with an Allen wrench will allow you to re-install your collapsible stock without disassembly of your rifle.
  • Ergonomic feel! Our combination features, such as our comfortable comb and adjustable length of pull makes this “featureless” stock truly shooter friendly by allowing the shooter to tailor the rifle to his or her needs. The wide comb provides a match rifle worthy cheek weld.
  • Adaptability! Two sling mounting points, including an ambidextrous OD socket, make this stock adaptable to any use.
  • Ruggedness! Our use of glass filled injection molded nylon along with brass and stainless hardware make the OPTION ZERO “hard use” rugged!
  • Tactical advantage! The combination of our “featureless” design and on-board magazine stowage means that for the first time since 1999, a CA shooter can purchase an AR-15 that’s actually capable of being deployed as a self-defense carbine. One 10rd magazine in the rifle and an easily replaced extra 10rd magazine on board means that a shooter will have at least 20rds available on their rifle when things go “bump in the night”

* the Option Zero requires a “true Mil-Spec” buffer tube for proper installation. Rifles equipped with a “Non-Standard” or “Commercial” spec buffer tubes will require our commercial spec stock, which will be available during the second quarter of 2017. The alternative is replacement of your buffer tube with a “true Mil-Spec” tube.

Survivor Systems, Inc also recently introduced a new safety selector for the featureless shooter

Paddle Shifters Optimized AMBI Selector:

Paddle Shifters are now available in Blue, Black, Red and FDE. The Paddle Shifter was developed in response to the specific handling needs associated with the popularity of featureless AR rifles. With any featureless stock, the shooter is, by design, forced to keep their thumb on the strong side of the receiver. Because of this design limitation, safely handling a featureless rifle requires an ambidextrous selector. In addressing this issue with our Paddle Shifters, we’ve taken a weakness inherent in most featureless designs and turned it around into something that actually enhances the handling characteristics of not just the Option Zero, but any featureless design. Our Ambidextrous Selector features a “short throw” (45°) and an extra wide and ergonomically contoured CNC machined Aluminum lever. These features combine to not only ensure positive operation by the shooters dominant thumb, but provide a secure and comfortable rest for the thumb. Featureless Rifles equipped with our Option Zero stock and Paddle Shifters Optimized Ambidextrous Selectors represent state of the art technology when it comes to CA compliant rifles.

MSRP $59.99

For more information visit https://survivorsystems.com

Maggie W
Maggie W

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  • Marcus D. Marcus D. on May 08, 2018

    I do NOT like the fin grips. They feel entirely unnatural. If I were going to make one, I would make left and right handed versions with the fin offset away from the shooting hand, thus allowing a much better purchase with the palm. So what if it isn't ambi.

  • Chawin_1997 Chawin_1997 on May 10, 2018

    Canada gun laws > California gun laws.