[NRA 2018] AAC Announces The TI-RAID 30

by Pete

Advanced Armament Corportation’s parent company, Remington, has been going through a bit of a rough patch lately. But AAC has still managed to push out some new products over the past few months – always a good sign. Last year we saw the edition of the modular .22 caliber Halcyon. Now the Huntsville, Alabama based team is announcing a hard-use centerfire rifle silencer dubbed the TI-RAID 30.

Boasting full auto capabilities and a 140dB meter readings for 300 Win Mag at the muzzle, the Ti-RAID 30 is built to take a beating. The AAC 90T and direct thread modules are the current mounting types, but the silencer company may add the 51T mount and other options in the future.

MSRP is set for $1199.00. Details and specifications can be found below.

AAC Ti-RAID Specifications:

  • Caliber Rating: 300 Win Mag and Below
  • Full Auto Rating: 7.62 NATO and Below
  • Length: 8.1″ w/ Direct Thread
    8.5″ w/ 90T Taper
  • Weight (oz.): 20.1 w/ Direct Thread
    20.5 w/ 90T Taper
    Decibel Ratings:
  • 300 Win Mag: 140 dB at Muzzle
    136 dB at Shooters Ear
  • 308 Win: 137 dB at Muzzle
  • 300 Blackout Subsonic: 123 dB at Muzzle

The AAC Ti-Raid 30: Engineered for Hard Use and Hellfire Full Auto Abuse


Huntsville, AL – AAC is proud to introduce the Ti-Raid 30, a completely user-serviceable, no tools required silencer for ease of maintenance.

The Ti-Raid is 100% Grade 9 Titanium providing extreme durability and lightweight performance. The Ti-Raid tube and mount are PVD coated to ensure no gauling of threads, the coating will not wear off over time. The S-Line finish reduces carbon build up on the tube, mount and endcap. The shielded baffles are keyed in ensuring repeatable alignment.

The Ti-Raid 30 is offered in two mounting options, Direct Thread 5/8 x 24 and Taper 90T or51T. For optimum accuracy, choose direct thread, but for quick set up and tear down go with our fast attach taper mount.

Engineered for 30 caliber rifles up to 300 Win Mag, including the most demanding full-auto applications. Full auto rated for 308 Win/7.62 Nato and below.


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  • Andy1077 Andy1077 on May 07, 2018

    they managed to make a Titanium suppressor weigh 20 ounces? It's the perfect can if you want the worst of both worlds!

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    • Andy1077 Andy1077 on May 07, 2018

      @Kevin B Does the B in your last name stand for Brittingham by chance? LOL if so keep up the good work, I cant wait to get my erector out of NFA jail...

  • Dan Gleeballs Dan Gleeballs on May 07, 2018

    lmaoo what a joke.

    Rugged Surge wrecks this can.