Quickloader Shotgun Shell Storage System for Hunters

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    A Danish company called Quickloader makes shotgun ammunition storage system for hunters which provides quick access to pairs of shells thus decreasing the reload time of double-barreled shotguns. The product itself is called … Quickloader.

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    While having an advantage of a fast second shot, the double-barrelled shotguns have a distinct disadvantage compared to semi-auto shotguns – the low capacity. In many hunting situations, once you have fired the two rounds, you most likely won’t have enough time to reload and fire again. By the time you reload, the game birds or animals will be long gone. The Quickloader is designed to minimize the time necessary to find, align and reload the next pair of shells thus arguably giving you a chance to bag a couple of more birds or compensate for the missed shots. Of course, the speed of the reload will largely depend on your skills and this device is just making it quicker and easier to access the ammunition.

    Quickloader TFB

    The Quickloader is made of pairs of shell holders attached to a rigid base which won’t bend and will keep the pocket or ammunition bag opened up and easy to access.

    Quickloader shell holders are available in single or double pair versions. So if you carry the two pair version, you theoretically can do 6 quick shots assuming the gun is loaded and you do two quick reloads. These shell holders are also directional – made for left or right-hand carry. Presumably, these are only available for 12 gauge shells.

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    Here is another video showing the difference in reloading time when using the Quickloader.

    Unfortunately, there is no information concerning the pricing and availability. As soon as this information appears, I’ll update the article.

    I am sure there are many avid hunters among our readers. What do you think about the Quickloader? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

    Images from www.quick-loader.com

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