TFBTV Review: HK45 Tactical

Corey R. Wardrop
by Corey R. Wardrop

In this episode, TFBTV’s Corey Wardrop takes a look at the HK45 Tactical. A more-managable derivative of the HK USP, the HK45 boasts a 10-round magazine, night sights, standard Picatinny rail, and threaded barrel. We test three types of ammo, discuss some of the available options, and look at some of the small parts after a field strip.

+HK45 Tactical (745001TGLE‐A5)
+Glock 19 Gen4


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Corey R. Wardrop
Corey R. Wardrop

Corey R. Wardrop is the Museum Curator for the Institute of Military Technology in Titusville, Florida where he manages one of the finest, if not the finest, firearms collections in the country. Corey is a former OIF infantry Marine and has worked professionally in the firearms industry for over 20 years. In 2014 he obtained an unrelated Bachelor of Science degree from one of the nation's leading diploma mills. Through his work at IMT he is currently studying CAD design with an emphasis in reverse engineering rare firearms.Corey asks forgiveness for his novice-level photographs and insists they are improving dramatically thanks to certified rockstar Corey can be reached at and always appreciates suggestions for future articles.For the record, Corey felt incredibly strange writing this bio in the third person.

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  • Ostiariusalpha Ostiariusalpha on May 03, 2018

    I've noticed WWB is almost always a little hotter than equivalent bullets weights from either Federal or Hornady. Not just in .45 ACP, but in most every caliber of pistol or rifle cartridge there is available under the White Box label. I tune my plinking reloads to match with WWB.

    Also, when you repeatedly mispronounce "ambidextrous," it makes you sound like one of those hilarious trade show reps that are just trying to hit all the scripted buzzwords that the sales department gave them to memorize.

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    • Datimes Datimes on May 06, 2018

      @RealitiCzech At least he didn't say amphibious.

  • BattleshipGrey BattleshipGrey on May 03, 2018

    The direct quoting of Vickers was a great touch.