Dark Hour Defense Compensated Glock Stand Off Device (GSOD)

Hrachya H
by Hrachya H
Dark Hour Defense Compensated Glock Stand Off Device (GSOD)

Dark Hour Defense makes a pistol rail mounted device that works as a stand off measure, recoil compensator and muzzle brake. The company calls it Compensated Glock Stand Off Device (GSOD). Earlier they had introduced a simpler stand off only device and now they have designed this combination version.

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When using a pistol as a defensive tool, you have to keep in mind that the majority of semi-automatic pistols have one distinct issue in extreme close quarters. When you try to push them into the threat, which is arguably a natural motion, the chances are high that you will push the slide back and render the gun out of battery which in its turn means a dead trigger.

The lack of the described issue has been one of the main advantages of revolvers. But if you opt for a revolver then you have to deal with the limitations of revolvers (mainly, the low capacity). Another solution can be a pistol light that protrudes over the muzzle and as a side feature works as a stand off measure. This solution is well described in an article written by TFB’s own Richard L.

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The Black Horse Defense products are designed to address this issue. Because this device is mounted on the frame, it can be pushed against objects without pushing the gun out of battery. The Compensated GSOD also doubles as a muzzle rise compensator due to the top slots and it will work as a muzzle brake thanks to the side ports. Apparently, the installation is accomplished via sliding it onto the pistol rail and tightening the bottom screw.

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Black Horse Defense Compensated GSOD is made of 7075 T6 aluminum and has a mil-spec Type III hard coat anodized finish. It is available in black color option only. GSOD also comes in two lengths (standard and compact) and two caliber options. Here is an excerpt from the company’s website showing the size and caliber options and the compatibility with Glock pistol models:

The compensated GSOD is available for the following pistol models:
Glock 17/31 9mm/.357 only (standard size)
Glock 19/32 9mm/.357 only (compact size)
Glock 22 40cal (standard size)
Glock 23 40cal (compact size)

The GSOD 17/31 and GSOD 22 have an MSRP of $109 and the compact models (GSOD 19/32 and GSOD 23) cost $99.

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Overall, I think this is quite a useful device. The only shortcoming is that you will need to disassemble the GSOD to be able to disassemble the pistol itself. Probably, designing some sort of a quick detach mechanism would be a good idea. Also, if I was designing it, I would include a rail underneath this accessory to make it possible mounting lights and lasers under the stand off device.

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  • JASON B JASON B on May 09, 2018

    Testing has shown that frame mounted compensators on Glocks causes frames to crack at the dustcover. The dustcover of the glock was never designed to receive the extra force caused by the recoil-mitigating device when it captures the gases coming out of the muzzle. I don't find this surprising at all. If you think about it, you wouldn't either. If I going to put a comp on my gun, it will be attached via the barrel.

    • A Curmudgeon A Curmudgeon on May 17, 2018

      @JASON B Yeah, I guess it was H&K with their USP who at first offered a rail-mounted compensator. It disappeared rather quickly, but I believe it was because of mis-alignment/bullet strike problems and some difficulty in keeping it from shooting loose. Don't remember any reports of dust cover cracks though.

  • Adam Garza Adam Garza on May 11, 2018

    will this fit all gens or just gen 5