Archive: May, 2018

AK47 vs. Galil ACE vs. Mini-30: Accuracy and Comparison of Three 7.62×39 Combat-Ready Rifles

In this episode of TFBTV, James gives you a quick rundown and comparison of three popular 7.62×39 piston operated rifles: The Zastava “Yugo” M70 (i.e. the “AK-47”), the IWI Galil ACE, and the Ruger Mini-30. After a brief overview of these guns, James puts these rifles in [Read More…]

Lynx AA-12 in semi Sig Sauer launches new handloaders component line. Franklin Armory Pistol Storage Device Secret gun factory MSR 15 Blackout MSR 15 Long Range Apex Releases Action Enhancement Kit for the SDVE Pistols Molot Pistol That Never Was VPO-514 Caliber 10x28mm (1) Wilson Combat Rob Haught Special Shotguns (6) 23mm Separatist Anti-Material Rifle (4) Grip zone Free vortex

Larry Vickers Shoots Integrally Suppressed AMB-17 and Some History Behind Russian 9×39 weapons

A few weeks ago, I had a pleasure of working with Larry Vickers on his trip to Russia. He had a unique chance to check out some of the newer Russian weapons, we visited some amazing museums and saw some incredible weapon collections. I wanted to highlight some weapons [Read More…]