Starline Grendel Basic and 6.8 Basic Straight-Walled Brass

    Starline Grendel and 6.8 Basic Straight Walled Brass

    About two months ago we reported about Starline offering straight-walled unfinished .223 Remington brass made primarily for wildcatters. Apparently, Starline also offers such unfinished cases of 6.5mm Grendel and 6.8mm SPC cartridges. Starline calls these cases Grendel Basic and 6.8 Basic respectively.

    Starline Grendel Basic Brass

    This is a straight-walled case of 1.55″ overall length. Unlike the .223 Basic brass that has stars and lines on the headstamp with no caliber designation, the Grendel Basic brass has no markings on the cartridge head at all.

    Starline Grendel Basic Untapered Brass

    This brass will be a great source for making many 6.5 Grendel or 7.62x39mm based wildcat cartridges such as.22-6.5 Grendel, 6mm Grendel, 243 LBC, 9x39mm etc. As in the case of the .223 Basic brass, this one is not annealed as well. It will require annealing before forming and may also need additional neck annealing after forming. The case wall thickness at the case mouth is .009 which will increase after necking it down. These cases have small rifle primer pockets.

    The Starline Grendel Basic brass is listed on the company’s website with an MSRP of $180 per box of 250 cases.

    Starline 6.8 Basic Brass

    These cases are unfinished (untapered) 6.8mm Rem SPC brass. The Starline 6.8 Basic has 1.72″ overall length.

    Starline 6.8 Basic Untapered Brass

    The 6.8 Basic cases also have no headstamps, small rifle primer pockets and .009 wall thickness at the case mouth. The annealing recommendations are also the same as in the case of .223 Basic and Grendel Basic. Some examples of cartridges that can be formed using the 6.8 Basic brass include theĀ American .30 BHW, .30 HRT, 6.5×6.8 and 6.8 GPC.

    The MSRP for 6.8 Basic brass is $140 per box of 250 cases.

    Lastly, I’ll quote again the disclaimer made by the manufacturer:

    *Since the .223 Basic, Grendel Basic and the 6.8 Basic are basic cases, and Starline has no control over how it is formed, we accept no liability and offer no warranty in its use or your inability to properly form cases. Since this case has not been formed there may be more out-of-round mouths than normal.

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