Johann Fanzoj "Scythians" Single Shot Break Action Rifle

Hrachya H
by Hrachya H
Johann Fanzoj Scythians Single Shot Rifle

Today we are taking a look at another gem made by Johann Fanzoj of Ferlach, Austria. This is a single shot break action rifle based on the Fanzoj Kipplauf KB-1. The variety of different iterations of this rifle is amazing: from the futuristic KB-1 TI CARBON which uses carbon fiber furniture and titanium action, to the classic and elegant works of art like the recently made “Scythians” rifle.

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Fanzoj masters manage to make each of these guns unique masterpieces despite all of them are based on the same action. And arguably the most important thing that makes this mechanically identical rifles so different and unique is the engraving pattern.

The Johann Fanzoj “Scythians” rifle is engraved with the patterns of tattoos that were wearing ancient Scythian warriors on their arms. Here is how the company describes it:

A legendary tribe of fierce nomadic horsemen conquered the Eurasian steppes in the 8th century BC on the territory of present-day southern Russia, Ukraine, as far as Hungary – and left the world with a treasure of Royal Tombs, fabulous gold art and mysterious ritual tattoo practices…

Always a pleasure to immerse in a cultural-historical project with a client – and be able to learn.

The Scythian warriors’ upper arms were fully adorned with tattoos of strong visual power; magical protection symbols, ornaments, depictions of griffin, deer, and horse.

The fascinating mystical Skythian warriors´ tattoos – our mandate to venture into a color inversion concept and develop a special black/white ornament on a Fanzoj Single shot rifle.

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The Johann Fanzoj Scythians rifle was made with two barrels. One of them is chambered in .300 Win Mag and the other one – in .243 Winchester. It has a round body action with the lever that opens the action located below the trigger guard. The stock and forearm are made of Circassian walnut and have hand rubbed oil finish. The rifle has an overall length of 103 centimeters (40.5″). It weighs 3 kilograms (6 lbs 10 oz) with the .300 Win Mag barrel.

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  • Brett baker Brett baker on Apr 30, 2018

    This is why money is wonderful to have. So you can order functional art like this.

  • Johnhancok Johnhancok on Apr 30, 2018

    Some firearm art is breathtaking. Just the woodwork is an art unto itself. If you've ever tried to refinish a gun stock you'd know what a process it is. Thanks for bringing this to us.