Korean Army Issued S&T Motive K14 And 12.7mm

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

My friend Bob Byungmu Oh made this video about the Korean Army’s S&T Motiv K14 sniper rifle. I had my friend Kris Kim translate the dialogue for me.


hi i’m byong mu oh, from korea defence forum. today i will introduce korean army issued k14 sniper rifle which is 7.62 this model is bit different with prototype that we showed ago, some impoved, some detail erased. you can see difference from prototype, that is stock area, aim in long time will help rear pod, easy control that they made by self, cheek riser now fixed(proto can move) also butt pad too. rear monopod latch is ambi. this prototype rail is simpler than proto. better design looking good, flash hider manufacturer says special(i dont think so…) thread is different with us size(thats why jayden made thread adaptor in t-julu brand) barrel on metal frame and plastic body cover as receiver recoil will thru metal chassis and stock then to shooter of cause. let’s check later in actual shot test about recoil. k14 is bolt action, move like this each single shot. of cause this is safety, and indicator, which can see behind to shooter looking red line is safe mode. and release. bolt action is simple, and easy to clean but in sniper rifle should clean up with careful in barrel thread there is left side has lever on body can remove bolt, look at this. bolt block removed, then can clean as easy and barrel clean up this way. S&T Motive k14 has magazine now made of plastic, 10rd. and there is 5rd mags …. and scope is S&B pm2 , which is very expensive optic with bundle in prototype rifles but now mass production has korean made similar optic for issued rifle —and he is talking about how use scope…….. i was wondering korean made first focal plan scope that i can see and shot this time? but still S&B puttin on rifle… i’m shooting now. now shot more 6rds… this range can see blue 40mm trn granade rounds on target field, i can hit that blue head easy that i want, all hits. now smooth than proto but still tight. but this one is not uses one- may use few time later will be more smooth than now(about bolt)

Please excuse the translation.

Here is the video on the S&T Motiv bolt action rifle chambered in 12.7mm. Unfortunately I do not have a translation for this video.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • TwoThirtyGr TwoThirtyGr on Apr 28, 2018

    That ejection port is huge. How many grains are 12.7 rounds, generally? Also, is that some sort of bipod adapter, or just a pic rail adapter? At first it looked like it extended past the handguard like that one bipod setup, of which the name I forget!

  • Tahoe Tahoe on May 02, 2018

    Wait, this is chambered in 12.7 x what? The mag looks too small for 12.7x99.