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Rachel Y
by Rachel Y

“Some aspects of concealed carry are about hiding in plain sight”, that’s the concept behind Cyndees Conceal Carry Purses according to it’s owner, Cyndee Harding.

All of the ambidextrous concealed carry purses are made in the USA and include locking zippers, a custom holster system, and coin marker. The coin marker is to let the customer know immediately when she picks up the purse (by tactile contact) which side the muzzle of the firearm is pointing.

The carry pocket is the width of the entire purse and accessible from either side using locking zippers with 4″ loop on both sides of the pocket. The locking zippers allow for only one side of the concealed carry pocket to have access, lessening the possibility of the purse owner grabbing the muzzle.

The secret to the holster retention is in the sturdy magnetic straps.

Another unique feature behind the success of Harding’s purses is the custom holster system. The secret to the holster retention is in the sturdy magnetic straps which easily separate but only when the firearm is ready to be unholstered and is done so forcefully. The adjustable straps and holster also allow anyone to position the holster and firearm the way they feel most comfortable carrying it and secure it in that position. This makes it easier to practice draw strokes for muscle memory.

The Ann purse, shown in this article is available in 5 exterior colors (Camel, Black, Brown, Red, Suede, Chocolate) and 4 interior lining colors (Purple Paisley, Harvest Paisley, Peacock Paisley, Turquoise and Chocolate Paisley) and has an MSRP of $315.

Learn more about Cyndees Conceal Carry Purses online here.

Press release content provided by Cyndees Conceal Carry Purses.

Rachel Y
Rachel Y

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  • Bill Bill on Apr 26, 2018

    Goes perfect with a CZ pistol and soy latte

  • John John on Apr 26, 2018

    Interesting, the biggest, baddest manny pack on Amazon is about $70 but this purse is $300, wow, women do really pay higher prices for accessories.