Walther Begins Shipping PPS RMSc

Rachel Y
by Rachel Y

Walther announced at the US Concealed Carry Association Expo (USCCAE) that the first batch of PPS RMSc semi-auto handguns were available and that the first batch of pistols should begin shipping to dealers as early as the last week of April, 2018.

The PPS RMSC was introduced at SHOT Show 2018. Reported by TFB’s Eric B the RMSc, made by Shield:

The RMSc version of the extremely popular RMS is a slimmed down version of the RMS designed to fit on single stack pistols such conceal carry handguns such as the Glock43, Smith & Wesson shield and the 1911.

The pistol’s slide is milled from the factory to accept the RMSc, but packaging includes a cover plate in the event the buyer would rather remove the optic. Shooters will be able to cowitness with the optic installed.

Carry optics is a fast growing category and Walther is very excited to offer the PPS M2 equipped with the RMSc. The combination provides significant value with a slim factory milled slide topped with an exceptional optic,” said Kevin Wilkerson, marketing manager for Walther. “This [is] a perfect fit for the buyer looking for a concealable optics-ready product.

The first 5 PPS RMSc pistols were sold at the USCCAE in Louisville, KY and shipments are expected to arrive to dealers beginning the last week of April, 2018.

According to the Walther rep at USCCAE, PPS RMSc pistols are expected to have an MSRP of $799 and will come with the parallex-free, factory-installed Shield RMSc.

Walther also displayed their PPQ45 (MSRP $699) and PPQ SC (MSRP $649) at USCCAE. Both of these pistols are currently available for purchase.


Model: 2805961RMS
Caliber: 9mm
Barrel Length: 3.18″ Polygonal Rifling
Trigger Pull: 6.1lbs
Trigger Travel: .2″
Capacity: 6/7/8rds
Overall Length: 6.3″
Height: 4.4/4.9/5.3″
Safety: 3
Width: 1″
Weight Empty: 21.7oz

Press release content provided by Walther.

Rachel Y
Rachel Y

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  • Mig1nc Mig1nc on Apr 26, 2018

    My friend scored a P365, we measured it using my digital caliper and it was 0.9" at the slide, and 0.98" at the base plate. I was really thinking about getting a PPS, but now I don't see the point. However a P365 with an RMSc... That would be money.

  • Jeff S Jeff S on Apr 27, 2018

    How about the Q5 Match Combo?