Vendetta Precision VP-06 Muzzle Brake

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    Vendetta Precision has introduced a new muzzle brake called VP-06. The company states that they are offering an effective yet affordable muzzle brake. Here is how they describe it:

    Behold, our newest addition to our muzzle brake collection! Engineered to be an effective and affordable option for all shooters, the VP-06 does more than please the crowd. Enjoy fast follow up shots, less recoil, and high quality at a price for anyone’s budget.

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    The VP-06 muzzle brake has a three port design with the first port being slightly smaller than the other two. The first port also has a little bit different shape. Overall, this muzzle brake has a flat shape with the unnecessary material removed wherever it is possible. The two flat surfaces machined at the base of the brake are designed to fit a 3/4″ wrench which is used to tighten the brake in place. The VP-06 brake installs on the rifle just like the majority of other AR-15 muzzle devices – via a crush washer which is included with this muzzle device. There is also a pinhole (for 1/8″ pin) machined in the bottom portion of the brake to allow pinning and welding it to shorter barrels thus increasing the barrel length (from the standpoint of law) to 16″ which as you know is considered the minimum rifle barrel length. The pin is not included.

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    Vendetta Precision VP-06 muzzle brake is machined from 303 stainless steel. It is available either in stonewashed stainless steel or black nickel boron finish options. It is designed for 5.56/.223 caliber only and has a 1/2×28 thread pitch. The overall length of this muzzle brake is 2.75″ and it weighs 3 oz.

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    Right now the Vendetta Precision VP-06 muzzle brake is available via the manufacturer’s website for preorder. The preorder price for the stonewashed raw stainless steel version is $44. The black nickel boron option costs $49. The estimated start of shipping is mid-May 2018. The price is a subject of change once the preorder time ends.

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    UPDATE (2018, June 4): Just received a couple of images of the VP-06 brake with black nickel boron finish. 

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