Uncle Mike's New Flashlight-Friendly Holster and More

Rachel Y
by Rachel Y

The Uncle Mike’s booth at the US Concealed Carry Association Expo (USCCAE) buzzed with the release of 2 new holsters this year – the Apparition and the Spyros Holster System.

The Spyros holster system

The Spyros Holster System is created to be ambidextrous and carried outside the waistband (OWB). The new holster to the Uncle Mike’s lineup is a holster and light system coupled together to fit more than 300 light-bearing semiautomatic pistols with an accessory rail. The included Spyros holster is universal, ambidextrous polymer holster is designed to protect the firearm from any bumps, scratches, and everyday wear-and-tear. The included aluminum body light has a max output of 150 lumens, and is strong enough to light up any target. The included light must be mounted on the handgun to use the holster.

According to Larry Houck, Senior Product Manager for Blackhawk and Uncle Mike's, the Spyros Holster System can adjust ride height and is ambidextrous. It will also accommodate over 300 different pistol types.

The Spyros Holster system is available now and has an MSRP of $49.99.

The Spyros Holster System comes with an aircraft-grade 150 Lumen LED light.

The Apparition

The Apparition is the first holster of it’s kind with an ability to carry either IWB or OWB. Customers can easily switch back and forth between the two carry styles using only their hands. Ride height and cant are also hand-adjustable making the Apparition truly versatile to many carrying styles.

Made from injection-polymer, the holster is flexible unlike kydex and can accommodate a variety of popular fierams, including the Taurus G2, Smith & Wesson Shield, and compact Gen 3 Glocks.

The Apparition is expected to be available July 1, 2018 with an MSRP of $29.99

Customers can easily switch back and forth between the two carry styles using only their hands.

Press release content provided by Uncle Mike’s.

Rachel Y
Rachel Y

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