POTD: Go Big Or Go Home? SureFire Edition

Nicholas C
by Nicholas C

James Krupp had posted this image below of his Beretta M9A3 sporting a SureFire X300 Ultra, Benchmade Infidel and SureFire A2 Aviator. This was posted in a SureFireholics group.

So I decided to one up his photo with my Hellfighter, Strider (which is a Surefire collaboration knife) and my M92A1. The only thing I need left to make it completely SureFire would be a SureFire Ryder suppressor.

I had my friend Larry M. xray the Hellfighter

The Hellfighter is normally powered by a cable but my friend Mac made a custom handle to power the SureFire Hellfighter. It is like a giant flashlight body. It uses 4x 26650 li-ion batteries and runs for about an hour.

The Strider knife is a limited edition collaboration between Strider and SureFire. It came bundled with a SureFire M2 flashlight with the Strider logo laser engraved on the side. The Strider SF knife has a SUREFIRE logo engraved into the hilt. The matching knife and light have matching serial numbers.

The massive pistol light is an old SureFire light called the M111D. It is basically a 3xCR123 millenium M3 turned into a pistol light. It requires the use of a dedicated rail adapter. It was designed around when only Gen 2 Glocks were around. Unfortunately it does not work with Glock Gen 3 accessory rails. You can install the SureFire accessory rail but it defeats the purpose of the Gen 3 rail.

Nicholas C
Nicholas C

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  • Texas-Roll-Over Texas-Roll-Over on Apr 25, 2018

    Good looking setup with that AAC 9M.

  • Ross Ross on Apr 25, 2018

    Vertec grip panels on a standard frame?

    Is this a thing? Or was that a mistake and it doesn't work.

    Cuz if it's a thing I need to order some grips.

    • GaryOlson GaryOlson on Apr 26, 2018

      @Ross Vertec grips on a vertec style frame with the large back strap installed. See the seam on the back of the frame.